Is the Real Estate Market NEXT TO CRASH! | RedFin CEO NEW Update

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2022 has started as a bloodbath in the equity markets. The indexes are all down, and many popular tech stocks are being obliterated, headed to all time-lows. With so much red in the markets, many people are beginning to wonder if the housing market is next. After all, massive cost increases throughout the country have priced millions of potential buyers out of the market. Is this going to be their opportunity to finally make a play?

Now with the SP500 in freefall, and many tech stocks getting completely obliterated, many are pointing to markets like Tampa and expecting the same price action. Our favorite housing expert, Redfin CEO Glen Kelman was back on CNBC to explain what his predictions are for this year. The statements are shocking considering the market’s status right now, take a listen.


  1. Why you said low inventory the big problem?? for rising the price is Trulia and Zillow 😡Check how many houses are owned by them ??? This inhuman company they take advantage buy and resale immediately the same house by adding minimum 100k+ buyers please avoid this Trulia and Zillow don’t buy any house owned by them 😡😡😡😡😡The almighty God is watching!!!!

  2. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important And with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  3. I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  4. People become wealthy doing the opposite of the masses. In 2006-2007, greed overtook people and we were “all gonna get rich.” Apparently, everyone was a stock genius and financial professional then. Now everyone is talking crash (I’m still buying), and will be left behind again. Wake up people— the masses always lose. Follow the greed/fear cycle.

  5. It will be worse than 2008 and in some cases it’s better. Just buy another home when it dips. Greed is very bad which is what we have seen with all these investors buying and rising housing rates will drop the housing market value, people will lose their jobs on this coming recession. I think we are heading to a more healthy interest rates which is 7-8% for mortgage rates. People are not talking about people who can’t afford rents at this time, it’s a renters crisis that will drop the economy this time, new builders will definitely drop the values of homes since mortgage interest rates most likely will be 5.4% by end of 4q this year. I live in Arizona for 30 years now and I can say Arizona is very overvalued, Arizona has an opioid crisis, homeless crisis, I’ve never seen so much crime in the Mesa, Chandler and phx in the last 2 years. Arizona will Definitely see a housing slow down especially in the maricopa county, I foresee a 20-30% value decrease 2Q 2023. Please people don’t put 20% down, you will lose all that hard money you earn, America you are buying the peak of this very over valued housing market. Godspeed everyone, make right choices.

  6. Living in Tampa I can tell you that most houses I’ve seen from 300-400k are not updated or terrible locations. On the market for 24 hours then have an offer. Almost all of them get offers over asking price.

  7. You guys said nothing about all the foreclosures that are going to hit the fuckin Market you never said anything about all the second and third homes that are going to hit the market…Floods of homes….facts

  8. Real estate will lag behind the stock market; by a far margin. Housing prices will typically fall !0% for every one percent rate increases. The Redfin CEO did not take into account the overall devastation that the coming recession is going to bring and how it will affect the market. The future housing market is not what we see today.

  9. Yes but WHY is inventory so low? It’s not really that there aren’t enough houses. It’s that there aren’t enough people willing to sell theirs. At least one of the reasons for that is covid, and you’d think all but the most paranoid of people are finally over covid. If that’s the case, then inventory should get better in a couple months

  10. Foreclosure and evictions have just started to inch up…. After been artificially stopped for last 2 years.

    2022 might be the Best year to SELL…SELL..SELL that overpriced house at the Peak.

    It takes just 1 house on the block to sell 15-20 % below the inflated "Zestimate" to crash the entire block.


  12. Selling in March. Moving to a different state and buying a house outright.

    You can keep your big city living.

  13. Sorry I am frustrated please don't take it personally! Agents are all say the same thing and I blame a lot of different factors for this crazy market and one of them is agents' fault to feed buyers and sellers this mentality and emotionally pressuring both sides! Honestly a lot of buyers like me are frustrated and a lot of sellers are scared to sell cause they don't know where to go after they sell! All of this is bad for everybody! The party is over and we all need to wake up! Pass the words around housing market is not stock market or Las Vegas!

    Lots of remorseful buyers out there with huge properties taxes and the purchasing experience is bitter and not fun anymore! I have lost my trust!

    Thank you and no worries! Like I said I only will buy house prices that are reasonable!


  14. So on the other end of the spectrum rents above Previous is up in my company up 25 percent across California!

  15. Redfin has to stay positive, it’s a public company that makes money off of listing fees and flipping homes. What goes up will go down.

  16. It's been brutal here in Miami, a 2/1 crack den can easily be worth over $400,000 and the supply is very low. Just when I could finally afford a decent home the market sky rocketed out of my reach and many others. I don't see this cooling down anytime soon in the future

  17. Wallsteet big guys are inflating home prices, they are making America as Renters nation. Common man salaries are the same, prices of the goods are doubled in the supermarkets. What government is doing? how they are going to protect common man & inflation?

  18. Inventory is surprisingly not as low as people think. Lots of homes are being built. The issue is pricing and rates now. Low inventory is because people are not wanting to sell their old homes (new homes are being built and sold). This is mainly because they do not want to overpay for a new home after selling their old home in combination with increases in interest rates. Most people buying can afford them 😅 that’s the biggest joke I heard. They are just going into house debt more and dishing out their whole savings to compete with investors in the market. Watch, in the next year or two there is going to be a crazy correction.

  19. Inventory is low because forbearance slowed down foreclosures this year we will see more foreclosures

  20. It is brutal right now for the 1st time wannabe home buyer…sheer brutality…low inventory…ridiculous prices and high rents…no escape. Sorry.

  21. Zillow and Redfin are two artificial crime machines who destroyed the real house market estimates.
    Absolutely artificial

  22. I can not believe why houses are like casinos. WTH is going on in this third world country? New Venezuela.
    WA is like becoming casino market. But and sell next week for 200k more

  23. I just want to be able to afford rent in a decent part of town. Rental prices are up 31% here …

  24. NO……certain areas all bought by cash and will not go down. Building new housing; supply and demand. Cash offers…no way bubble like 2008….the big move

  25. Don't know when the real estate correction will happen but it will eventually.Not sure we can belive Redfin or Zillow on housing when they bought alot of homes and still haven't unloved them yet.Think they may have a vested intrest in proving up the market.My home is paid off just stacking cash and pms wating patiently for opportunities in real estate and stocks.Happy investing to all.

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  27. No, the Housing Market is not going to crash. Inventory is still the biggest problem. The pandemic has changed where people live, many have relocated to more affordable areas. A correction will eventually happen but not a crash

  28. Anywhere you look, all roads lead to real state crash. This will be worse than 2008, faster too.

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