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Located in the historic center of Città di Castello, a beautiful Umbrian town, this 160-sqm apartment with 2 bedrooms has been recently rethought and remade following a project by architect Alberto Bacchi. The apartment is located on the second floor, but the palazzo boasts a convenient elevator.

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Situato nel centro storico di Città di Castello, uno splendido borgo dell’Umbria, questo appartamento di 160 mq con 2 camere è stato recentemente rivisto e ricreato ex-novo con la consulenza dell’architetto Alberto Bacchi. L’appartamento si trova al secondo piano, ma il palazzo dispone di un comodo ascensore.


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00:00 – Intro / Città di Castello
01:19 – Come with me
01:56 – Inside the Palazzo
02:13 – Outstanding Architecture
03:03 – Inside the Penthouse
03:34 – Charming Living Spaces of the Home
04:04 – Fine Details of the Home
04:43 – Kitchen Space
05:35 – Art Studio
06:14 – Bedrooms of the Property
07:12 – Closing

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic apartment. Also one that I can afford. I must speak to the Lady of the house to see it moving to Italy is just a fantasy or to make it a dream come true! Thank You Danilo for yet another great presentation.

  2. When I watch some of your listing, I think of the movie "The Talented Mr Ripley", but in a good way … beautiful cinematography, kudos to your team

  3. Unbelievable home. I love it just the way it is. When someone buys it, they should buy it as is. I love how it's furnished, its so comfortable and cozy. That man's Art Work is beautiful, and is perfect for on those walls.
    Whoever buys this home is getting a true gem.

  4. A charming apartment. After spending ten minutes looking at London or New York real estate it looks like there is a zero missing from the price. Even more than that, the surroundings will be so much more salubrious and pleasant to live in. Thank you.

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