It's a 2022 Stock Market Bloodbath: Why Real Estate is NEXT

The Stock Market has CRASHED in 2022 thus far. Particularly in tech stocks. Is the 2022 Housing Market NEXT?

The NASDAQ is down 12% on the year so far. Opendoor is down 36%. Tesla is down 15%. Stocks – particularly tech stocks – are crashing in 2022. And this has interesting implications for the 2022 US Housing Market.

Dotcom Bust 2.0 will have a big impact on West Coast Housing Markets, particularly those in California, Utah, Washington and Orlando. Cities in these states – such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City – have big exposure to the tech industry. And when tech companies crash, so to will the wealth and jobs in many of these markets.

That’s bad news for 2022 Housing Markets that rely on heavily on tech wealth and employment. Bay Area Real Estate, particularly the Housing Markets in San Francisco and San Jose, are the most exposed. Venture Capital Investment in Tech Companies in these locations is far and away higher than any other area of America.

Big, gateway cities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles are also at risk, with a large exposure to tech. As are smaller tech hubs like Austin and Salt Lake City.

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0:00 Stock Market Bloodbath
1:03 NASDAQ / Opendoor / Tesla: 15% Crash in January
2:00 Dotcom Bust 2.0 in 2022
3:05 Housing Markets AT RISK in 2022 (Tech Exposure)
4:14 Salt Lake, Boston, Austin, Raleigh, San Jose
5:31 Speculative Markets have LOW RENTAL YIELDS
7:16 SAFER MARKETS IN BLUE (High Rental Yields)
8:38 The Opendoor Bet (500% Return!)
9:55 My NEXT Bet: Homebuilders (DR Horton & Lennar)
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  1. Can you please look into ITB ( housing builder ETF ) which are down around 20 % in the last 4 weeks which try to give future direction of house prices.

  2. Foreclosure and evictions have started to inch up…. After been artificially stopped for last 2 years.

    2022 might be the Best year to SELL…SELL..SELL that overpriced house at the Peak.

  3. Also, I don’t see a lot of people talking about the price of lumber dropping. Notice in the Charlotte metro area the prices of newly built homes are beginning to slide back down to the low 300’s. At one time every new home community were near upper 300s/over 400s.

  4. Salt Lake is everything you are talking about. The branding of Silicon Slopes to recruit tech companies, 50% of all households cannot afford a home, and an 8.4 income to house price ratio, all help signal the pop.

  5. All you have to do is see what happened to home prices in the 70’s-80’s during inflation and double digit interest rates. 🤫 they doubled…

  6. I guess you forgot to check the stock market today or intentionally left it out of your latest video since it doesn't fit your narrative. stop fooling ppl for clicks

  7. first the dotcom bubble, then the real estate bubble, cryptocurrencies and now the metaverse. there have always been waves and they will continue to be a part of the market. all the talks of an imminent crash and hoarding cash are just misguided in my opinion. same way the bubbles came did the opportunities with them. it's a lesson i learned the hard way. I have now made about $370,000 in profits trading algorithmically from the last two quarters and even during the covid panic, i still made good. there's just no way the market will stop existing or crash so much that nobody can make a good living from it. it's a fear in our heads fed upon by the media. even during the real estate bubble, the most money was made by the smart short sellers

  8. Stick with index funds people! Stress free investing with history on your side! Individual stocks can go up but also can definitely go way down. Invest in solid index funds/ ETFs with low fees and you will build MASSIVE wealth long term without stress or hours of research 💰

  9. Been a long time subscriber.
    I think the “crash” will be the standard of living for the “middle class”
    If rates go up but prices don’t go down buying will be even more unaffordable (in nice safe neighborhoods). Rates don’t affect cash buyers. I think the shortage is not housing. I think the shortage is nice safe neighborhoods with good job opportunities which new construction is the answer to. Many neighborhoods towns and cities that used to be nice are now shit holes. Think Seattle.
    I recently bought a few months ago and don’t regret. Rent is expensive where i am as is housing, but if i waited 3 years to buy it would have been close to 90k in rent payments… i could buy comfortably at the time… if it got more expensive OR rates went up, i may have gotten priced out of my town. Depends on situation for everyone but price isn’t everything, money isn’t everything, and im sure glad i don’t have a land lord who can just raise the rent on my small family when ever they feel like and force me to move so they can sell or try to get more.

  10. Sooo… still no relief in the housing market for Atlanta GA then? My wife and I started preparing to buy a house about 5 years ago. We were browsing and saw beautiful 3 bed 2 bath houses for $150 but didn't have the down payment yet. Then the housing market went berserk during covid. Those same houses (now that we have the down payment after 5 years of saving…) are going for $350. We obviously cannot afford that. We've been waiting for the prices to go back down the past 2 years… but they never have. With us being a light blue color on your map, this means you don't expect house prices to go down?

  11. If you were to create a Put Option against Dr Horton & Lennar today (1/27/2022), when would you target your strike date? 2months from now? 4 months? 6 months? It will most likely take longer for these building companies to drop in value vs OpenDoor & Zillow don't you think? Thank you sir!!!! Great info on your podcast!!!

  12. What a surprise happened last January -10% and the January before that same thing. Tell us something new?

  13. The stock market has been a really tough one this past year, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning "VIVIAN KLAINE MORGAN". This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from September 2021 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540,000 in my trading portfolio.

  14. The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I've seen so much difference

  15. I'm a third generation Florida native (both sides of my family). In central florida, rent has more than doubled in less than a decade. Houses that were $90K are now $300K. Everyone is moving here. I'd love more videos on Florida. It's beyond competitive here now. The property managers are saying that most apps are coming from California and NY.

  16. Do you have any insight into San Bernardino county specifically Yucca Valley CA housing crash? Thank you in advance for your very helpful videos.

  17. I don’t even care if there’s much of a price correction, I just need inventory open up in La Plata County, CO. Let the major markets crash and burn!!!!

  18. Buy a good cross section of an economy, Build a diverse portfolio that keeps you motivated, Speed up the process where possible: i use an F.A, side hustle, reinvest, After my first million I realized that when a stock starts booming chances of you finding out means you are quite late to the party, for this I make sure my F.A handles that "Brenda Gay Mclean". It's like turning your notifications to earn more millions.

  19. What about Reno, NV? It used to be an affordable city but that’s not the case anymore because tech has invaded. The locals who are not tech can’t afford this current market. Your thoughts?

  20. Love your videos and just joined your membership. My wife and I have 4 rental properties in the Bay Area and we rent our primary residence in Contra Costa County(pronounced like Bob Costa, not Costa Rica 😀) in the city of Orinda. Our landlord in China has said they will not raise our rent and we are month to month and 30% under market. It feels great to be on the sidelines and not buy into this nonsense. Meanwhile most people talk down on us for throwing our money away and renting. 🙄. Ready to buy when the time is right and I don’t think it will be in the next 18 months. I’m fine if rates triple.

  21. Where is Seattle in your VC graph? I think you forgot Seattle. Also, would be interesting to see that same graph, but for metro area instead of just the city.

  22. Money would likely go from stocks to real estate to avoid the missive stock market crash. And rich people from china will gladly buy up houses in other countries now that china is dead.

  23. If the number of RVs parked in the streets of San Jose, SF, Oakland, Berkeley, are of any indication, is that the home prices are overvalued, people with basic income are living on the streets. This is the seedy underbelly of the tech industry, beyond the colorful cereal buffets, bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and expensive take outs that are the common tropes of tech companies you see in The Matrix Resurrections, people are pushed to the streets by no fault of their own, they were blindsided by a lopsided economy that favors the tech geeks who make insane amounts of money. The area is over saturated with tech nerds who are there for apps, dot coms, and cryptos. It's like STEM diabetes on the housing market. Why do they all have to live here? The weather isn't that great, the food scene is a joke, and the nightlife is dead, they should be in Los Angeles where it attracts a younger crowd or Las Vegas for the same reasons.

  24. From the tech people who I knew that were ahead of the CalExit for years, they could see that their company would go belly up or their jobs outsourced to India or China. So they didn't buy one house they bought several in these tech hubs around the country, the thinking was that they could segue into early retirement since they bought it cheap and just entice their coworkers to come out there and rent their house. So when this domino falls, where they're out of their high paying jobs, and their friends are on the same rope to hang, it's going to be really bad for these tech hubs that are all hot air in a bubble. These coders used to be poached by big tech at coffee shops, it was not uncommon when a employee left for lunch they wouldn't come back as they were really going to a job interview down the street, so began the spoiled tradition of companies offering lunches. That cut down on the corporate poachers and industrial espionage but now with remote work mainstream in all these different hubs, I think the poachers are back and in full force. There's no corporate identity and loyalty on a day to day basis. This pandemic lockdown made it easy for companies to not renew their office leases and pocketed the savings and pour that into the pockets of the CEO, while the workers are seeing inflation and they want a pay raise or they walk to a competitor.

  25. Why do homebuyers even look at California when they're getting something small, in a bad neighborhood, and needs to be fixed up? If you're going to do the work from home thing permanent then why not go to Vegas or Texas? The weather is extreme but your money goes farther and no taxes. If the average homebuyer is a Millennial in their 30s with maybe a back problem, they don't want to spend their weekends going to the home depot and fixing up things all the time. They want to be able to buy a nice forever home, brand new, and a lot of them want a home that is appealing for Instagram or Youtube or whatever online…you're not going to find that in California on a strict budget. The Millennials that want to get the student loan monkey off their back sooner will make the move to a cheaper state, otherwise get ready for never paying off the student loans, higher taxes, a small old house, and lots of crime. Who wants to deal with that?

  26. The stock market average rate of return is about 10% over the last 100 years, The last 10 about 13%. Bonds about 5% or so. Bull and Bear Markets come and go. Real Estate is the key to wealth building from a tax standpoint. Where else can you make untaxed phantom income and get huge tax breaks? House and employ people pay little tax, earned income W-2 workers pay large taxes. To time the market and real estate is a waste of time, it's all about averages just like baseball. Be successful 3 out of 10 and you are Hall of Fame inductee.

  27. From what I'm seeing, the SF Bay has never seen a housing market dip, people have been on the sidelines for decades waiting and waiting, what was $100,000, in the early 90s became $200,000 then $400,000, and even with the GFC of 2008, the home prices remained high at $600,000 and $800,000, now with the pandemic it's around $1 million and it just keeps going up because they keep on printing new money. At some point you're going to see a shit shack starter home that is in need of major repairs and it's going for $2 million just to be livable. What the Baby Boomers have done to Millennials is abhorrent and unforgivable. I know that they didn't have to go through anything like this, many even inherited their house after high school and never worked retail or service in their life! They're the only generation to have blown their retirement nest egg after retiring at 50 and are coming back to work at 65. These people are f'kn idiots! There should be more videos about the SF Bay and how they will face a collapse when companies flee Commiefornia for Texas. Without tourism because of homeless and crime sprees, without tech jobs, there's no reason for housing to be anywhere near where it is now.

  28. I have a feeling you are rooting for a housing bust… $5 bucks says 2022 housing will be up again 10% across the US…

  29. Still waiting for the biggest stock market crash in history to bury these SOBs Baby Boomers. A long time coming. The most entitled generation are going to cry me a river and demand the government to bail them out so they can dump more shit on Millennials. If Millennials don't fight back, and tell Boomers to go screw themselves, then Millennials are going to end up like Venezuela dumpster diving. That is what sociopathic Baby Boomers have always done is kick the can and live a carefree life stealing from the future with debt, they are kneecapping Millennials and Gen Z, and people keep looking the other way at something shiny like another war rather than inflation and homelessness created by the Baby Boomers.

  30. New York is such an established market I don’t think it going to crash but it may be stagnant at best.

  31. Please oh please let the housing market crash to a round pre Covid levels so I can buy a house…

  32. "I'm not a financial advisor" GOOD! Financial advisors SUCK. Then "You should consult with a financial advisor" O_O Oh man, you sold out and gave BAD advice because of pressure by scumbags.

  33. I remember you talking about your bets against those companies. You were right. I really see these home builders start adding more incentives to get people to buy their homes by the end of the year due to lack of demand from people buying their overpriced mess.

  34. Hi Nick, could you please do a video analyzing the stock market crash correlation to Housing market crash? If they are correlated.

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