Cost of home in Jamaica and truth about Jamaica Real Estate, gated community VS independent house. This episode is your guide to all types of Jamaica Real Estate and prices for homes. If you ever wondered how Jamaicans live when it comes to homes and where to buy property in Jamaica – this video is for you!

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About the house featured in the video and other properties mentioned, please contact the co-host of this video, Nicola White. You can check the status of her Realtor license in Jamaica on the official Government website here:

select “Salesman” in the search and enter her name “Nicola White” to check for the license.

You can search for properties in Jamaica using the following websites:
(note, even if realtors work in a different company, they can get ANY property you find on ANY website, so it doesn’t matter where exactly the property is advertised)

► Realtor International

► Coldwell Banker Realty

► Cavendish International Realty

► Sagicor Property Services

► ReMax

► My favourite Airbnb room in Kingston:
(the apartment featured in this video)

► Luxury Property at Airbnb Luxe in Jamaica

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Stereotypes about Jamaican Homes
05:07 Jamaica Real Estate by Type
06:29 Property: Big Family Homes
09:12 Property: Townhouse
10:03 Property: Apartments
11:24 Property: Housing Schemes
12:47 Property: Gated Communities
14:00 Gated VS Non-Gated
17:13 Property: Luxury Homes
19:30 Prices for Homes

► Ras Kitchen Youtube Channel

► Apartments in the UK (examples)

► About Windrush Generation, immigration of Jamaicans in 1950s-1960s to the UK

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  1. You provide the best videos! You look at all factors and back everything up with facts and examples. By the end of the video every single question I had at the beginning was answered.

  2. Its not ghettos. Thats a word natives use.. you cant use that word ..because your portraying the force narrative by expats and foreigners… Come on..lol..

  3. Very comprehensive and so nicely done. Thanks. I'd love to see you do a video on purchasing land in Jamaica. Many houses are built on just a quarter acre, but it's possible to buy larger plots, land with fruit trees – then the challenges of building a house in Jamaica, a separate topic altogether, maybe container homes? Thanks

  4. These are not starter homes they lying to you the average jamaican can buy none of those homes without a mortgage loan and to get that loan in the first place is a different hell in itself

  5. There is absolutely no benefit of living in gated communities. If for “security” reason that’s what the Police is for. If it’s for maintenance and upkeep, that’s part of the responsibility of home ownership, maintenance of your property. If it’s for the collection of your garbage, that’s what the governments garbage company is for. So what exactly are these “gated communities” offering? NOTHING. A FICTION OF GULLIBLE PEOPLES IMAGINATION. As well as a need to hike the price of the properties. It’s not worth it.

  6. I am a PROUD JAMAICAN and we have loads of massive homes and very few zinc homes.
    In America. U.k. EUROPE they live in mostly Government housing where they get Assistance NOT in Jamaica money TALK.
    Nuff money in Jamaica.
    America is NOT all that full with poverty. Hate.
    Racism. Ghettos .
    I am purchasing a gated apartment in the
    Golden Triangle for
    $800,000 US
    Upper St. Andrew only.
    4 BEDROOMS etc..
    Need the security guards, not worry about maintenance and need neighbors.
    I am living Hancock Park in California loads of beautiful mansions 1927 homes starts from $4 millions up…
    I am renting a
    3 bedrooms house 2 bathrooms rental paying
    $4,900 US a month not included utilities or cable.
    Monthly expenses $5800 a month in house bills.
    I am moving to my Jamaica done with this place.
    Thanks for showing Jamaica how I know and grew up as a child in big lovely houses.
    California 💛

  7. We were able to extend our home. Please know that there are rules and regulations wherever people build homes in Jamaica. This is the reason why earthquakes and floods do not hurt persons that abide by the rules.

  8. Thank you Irie, your video was very informative and taught me quite a few things … not only about Jamaican real estate but about Jamaica in general. It was laid out like a history lesson or documentary. Keep up the good work.

  9. The media portrays Jamaica as poor but what viewers dont realize is that the housing they see in videos are for ambience and to portray the rough neck of the citizen but those dancers and singers and actors dont live in those areas and have their security guards with them and also a lot of them are from overseas and are there on assignment

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