John Denver – I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado (from The Wildlife Concert)

“I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado” by John Denver from The Wildlife Concert
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I guess he’d rather be in Colorado
He’d rather spend his time out where the sky looks like a pearl after a rain
Once again I see him walkin Once again I hear him talking to the stars he makes
And asking them for bus fare
I guess he’d rather be in Colorado
He’d rather play his banjo in the morning when the moon is scarcely gone

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  1. Just rewatched the old miniseries “Centennial”. In the final scene of the series Merle Haggard sings this song. I’m a big Haggard fan but nobody could sing this song like J.D.

  2. I just caught a PBS special.of his 1986 concert in Birmingham, England. I realize that one of things I loved about him was that you could understand every word he sang. Such a loss.

  3. I'll always remember this song thanks to the mini series Centennial. A show everyone should watch too appreciate what those before us lived through too become the country we are. We are truly a blessed nation.

  4. Have to admit I didn't know of this song – only now do I realise that an advertising line used to promote Colorado was a play on the title. As a young English graphic designer reading National Geographic Traveller magazine in the 1980's I've always remembered the ad – beautiful mountain scenery, deep blue sky and the tag line:
    'Guess I'd rather be in Colorado.' I thought it such a beautifully American piece of copywriting! Still hope to visit one day……..

  5. One of my wishes is to go to beautiful state of Colorado.I've seen many of its nature beauties on videos and photos and now this song gave me goosebumps.Greetings to all good people listening this music gem from Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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