1. John Denver is a very relaxing kind of singer who makes you feel like you are a part and want to go to Colorado.💖

  2. Going to Colorado Monday been many times and still fall in love everytime I cross that Nebraska borderline

  3. I lived in Longmont for 13 years. The absolutely dumbest thing I’ve ever done was to leave Colorado, Longmont in particular. Johnny Denver hit the nail on the head when he said that there’s nothing like the Rocky Mountain west.

  4. I moved to Colorado Springs from Alaska in May, and I have to say, this is an absolutely beautiful and welcoming state. I will always love and miss Alaska, but don't know that I will be moving away from here any time soon.

  5. Been living there since 1996. When I'm away…this becomes my theme song. It's those mountains…they welcome me home like an old friend everytime. I feel a little like John did when he wrote this and totally know why he did it. The Rockies have that effect…

  6. Ha the picture used for the boulder canyon part is a picture of Boulder Canyon Trail, in Arizona not the actual Boulder Canyon

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