Justin Trudeau VS. Pierre Poilievre – Canadian Real Estate

In this video, Vancouver Realtor Jay Coupar compares Justin Trudeau to Pierre Poilievre in terms of their views on how to handle the Canadian housing market.

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  1. population is his fault …i might not be able to get a house or a apartment in van but can afford a shopping cart

  2. More government programs and spending eh, just keep printing money like it's used toilet paper eh, sounds like even higher taxes and inflation to me, Poo-Doh's gotta go 💩 💩 💩

  3. The covidiots will vote for Trudeau again and again…the leftists always double down when it comes to making wrong decisions

  4. Every morning I get up to face another day i hate this creature (Justin Fidel Trudeau) more and more.

  5. I call bullshit and I am disappointed in Poilievre on this one. Renting only creates instability for renters while unduly increasing the wealth for the land owner. Foreign investment is even worse, allowing a liberal 70 cent Canadian dollar to give an automatic advantage to non-Canadians who are only interested in using Canada as an ATM.

    PS: you are the kind of person that keeps getting liberals elected. Please stop endorsing conservatives.

  6. A "straight shooter" is what the Canadian establishment fears the most. They are the ones benefiting from low housing supply and over inflated prices…because it increases the value of their investment portfolio. These are the gatekeepers that Poilievre is taking about.

  7. Trudeau doesn't know any better and doesn't care. His plan is to ruin the Economy and he needs to GO! LIKE JAIL

  8. Tredeau should go back to his old job….acting teacher, and he should pay back all the money that he spend on himself on extra luxuary.

  9. I hope you're wrong about Skippy being PM but he is dumb enough! There has been almost new rental built for decades. It seems it's only begun to happen when the Libs need the NDP to save them.

  10. No he wont .times will go bad to worse if we all voted for the liberals n ndp…thats my prediction!

  11. Lol…he's already stuttering. When he stutters, hes lying & reaching for false b.s. 🤦‍♀️😂.

  12. Aga Khan's island is pedophiles island; Sandy Glaze said: Trudeaus-dark-pedophilia-network-exposed-human-trafficking-sex-crimes-and pedophilia/ state-sposored-child-traffiking-topcops-closely-tied-to-Ottawas-pedophilia-agenda/

  13. Pierre Poiliouvre is by far a much more competent leader who isn’t afraid to engage JT or anyone other politician in verbal sparring-he knows his facts and is prepared to go to battle.With Justin-he never answers a question,he questions the question and deflects.

  14. With increasing mortgage rates, house prices may decline somewhat but mortgage payments will be higher and it will be more difficult to pass the mortgage stress tests.

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