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Why buy this off grid lakefront cabin in the Maine Woods? Is your mind ready for a wilderness setting 40+ miles from the nearest shopping center? Are you looking for dark skies at night with an uninhibited view of the galaxy? Step back in time and enjoy the simplicity of lakeside recreation at this off grid lakefront cabin, located on a wilderness lake in Aroostook County, Maine.

The cabin was built pre 1970 with some updates and improvements over the years. The 21’ X 28’ foot print includes the main cabin, the lakeside covered porch and a wood shed/ utility area. This cabin sets about 50 feet from the lakeshore. The building is set on concrete and wood blocks. It is finished on the exterior with cedar shingles. The heat source for the cabin is a wood stove. Lighting, cooking and refrigeration are all LP gas. This is as simple as cabin life can be.

Currently the cabin owner is leasing the land from a local land company. The lease can be transferred to a new owner, or the land company will sell the 1.72± acres with 205± feet of lake frontage. The list price includes the purchase of the land. The land is heavily wooded, and the cabin is surrounded by 100+ year old white pines that provide both shade and privacy.

The land and cabin are located on Wytopitlock Lake in Glenwood, Maine. The lake is 1,152± acres with a maximum depth of 24 feet. The fishing in this lake is primarily warm water species with the occasional wild brook trout. The relatively shallow shore line has a pebble bottom and is a good spot for swimming. This lake has very little developed shoreline and gets very little boat traffic. A boat landing is located on the southern shore of the lake a couple miles from the cabin.

Glenwood is a remote township in south eastern Aroostook County. The last census showed a population of 3. Most of the township is managed forestland owned by just a few landowners. These owners have thus far allowed the public recreational use of their lands.

If you are ready to get away from the crowd call today for more information or to schedule a showing.


  1. How much property goes with this cabin and could I purchase more land this land please comment back thank you very much I love the lake any special size boat can go on and is it supposed to go on this lake or no or no please let me know thank you very much

  2. My mother got a brand new very expensive stove in 1965 , and there it is ! Same stove with a grill in the middle . And the hole in the center was to view the middle burner for the grill . Now I want to buy this cabin !!!

  3. I live in Torrance California and it’s mind blowing that I could afford natural beauty like this. In California you have to be a multi millionaire to own something like this.

  4. That little wood stove would keep that tiny cabin so warm, you'd have to open a window even with no insulation. Cut down a few trees for some solar panels and a garden, drill a well…it really could be a great place!

  5. Wow! Many negative comments. If you don’t like it, move on! Just a quick note, myself an 6 buddies paid $20k a piece for a similar property with no plumbing, electric but a great wood stove. We use it primarily for hunting and religiously,we use it for about 4 to 5 weeks a year. Occasionally, families will go up for a week or two. We all love the time away and it being rustic but more than comfortable. Thanks. Oh by the way, we have had the property for now about 10 plus years and today not one of us is from Maine.

  6. I do not know how cold the winter in Maine can be, but with no insulation in this cabin, it will be very hard to stay during winter time. For the price of $50k, I believe you can build a much better one than the current one except as you said the value is it must closer to the water.

  7. Another trap listing. "The building is set on concrete and wood blocks" ie no foundation, but the claimed value is $50k. Also, no indoor plumbing and the owner doesn't own the land. Is the soil too rocky for septic? Was a perk test performed? Are there wells in the area? How deep and what do they cost? 50 years ago the builder must have thought that the tree in front wouldn't grow to nearly touch the structure. Good plan.

    This is a land sale with a teardown and an overpriced one at that. $25k/acre for remote land that (can't?) be developed makes no sense.

  8. This will not be selling unless someone lost their mind. I can see that for the land, but that cabin isn't worth 100k. Maybe 20 and that is being nice. It needs to be torn down and a livable place put on that amazing land. The land owner has something. The cabin owner has lost his mind or the realtor who priced it this high.
    Edit I see it was 100k total. I'm in at 70k lol. I could work with that but it is a lot of work and additions added on to make it a home.

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