1. As an Ex Agent, I remember the Brokers only cared about $$& getting the Agents to have their clients to sign the contracts yet they don’t care about the women agents safety.

  2. This woman should go into immediate therapy for trauma. If you are able to run away from your attacker your brain will recall that you were not able to escape. If you were trapped in a place and someone was trying to hurt you there is a huge chance that you will not realize it in the beginning but years later you won’t date, you will not go into public, and he will isolate yourself. Talking to a therapist is the best thing to do right now. The realtors family should take charge. Take her to a rape therapist and a trauma therapist no matter what happened. I was attacked by a man and his intention was to rape me and he pushed me against the wall and I found the door and I got ouch but he continue to pursue me while I was in my car and touched me repeatedly. I thought because I was wearing ski clothes that it did not matter. I did not leave my house for two years. I did not speak to a man for two years . It took me three years to call the police. I am a widow and I was diagnosed with complex trauma. I do not like the reporter saying that the family says she is doing just fine because a person who has just had an attempted rape is not fine . I think I’m one of the strongest people in the world but I continue to suffer from cops from complex trauma. I have been in therapy for three years. There is no one on this earth does not have other trauma so eventually I understood that I have compounded trauma because I was unable to run from my husband‘s death and I was unable to run away from my attacker. Learn the words that you are saying to the public before you go on air and report that a person who had an attempted rate is “just fine“.

  3. Like a woman can really fight a man. Women need to stop this equality shit and stay at home pregnant and cooking and cleaning for a man and kids. It's called being a purposeful woman .

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