Living In Denver, Colorado: Diversity

Living In Denver, Colorado: Diversity. Diversity can make or break an individual when deciding to move to a new area. In this video, LaRyan discusses what is like living in Denver and gives you an idea of how diversity looks before moving to Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Lets start with Denver is no 2 in the nation for stolen vehicles last time i checked both union station and the airport were getting over run by homeless traffic is terrible beggars all around go down 16th pan handlers are bugging people including myself crime in general is terrible the best 2 days in Colorado was the day i moved there and the day i left the beginning of the downfall of Colorado was the great invasion of califuckinfornias texasasses and realtors if are planning on moving to Colorado enter at your own risk FJB

  2. Grew up in in Denver (Liberal country) moved to Georgia, I'll say Denver is anti black masculinity (generally the United States). Whites, Asians, & Latino's seem to be accepting of each other (light skin) but seem to have a distain for young black males. Not surprised because in their home countries darker ppl get treated horribly. In Denver when people consistently go out of their way to avoid u nothing else needs to be said.

  3. Thanks for the video man, I’m considering moving to Denver from austin. I see the negative comments but agree with you as I find Denver to be similar to austin.

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