Living in Denver Colorado Pros and Cons || Should You Move To Denver?

Are there even any “Cons” to living in Denver, CO? Check out this list of the pros and cons of living in Denver and see what you think!

Hi! I’m Alyson, a full time Realtor® with Keller Williams DTC. Even more fun, I am a proud baseball/softball coach’s wife, an avowed coffee fan, and I love getting in a hike with my family when we can! My husband and I have two fantastic kids AND two awesome rescue dogs!! If you have kids, dogs, or love coffee, we can chat for hours–Oh, and we can talk real estate too 🙂 If you love sports, let me connect you with my husband – LOL.

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I am blessed to work with clients coming to Colorado from all over the country, as well as loads of the lucky ones that already call Colorado home. Since our family is experienced movers, even out-of-state and cross-country (a fun story for you if we ever meet), I serve my clients from a place of knowledge, compassion and confident expertise. I’m so thankful for you, and for you watching my videos! If you want to talk about real estate in the south part of Denver feel free to email me anytime at or call / text 303.246.6707.

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To glorify God by serving our clients with excellence and wisdom. Growing each client’s wealth, through real estate, so that dreams and legacies are fulfilled that strengthen families.


  1. Visited here? Live here? Leave me a comment on what your pros or cons of Denver! OR tell me about your town! Either way, I'd love to hear, and I'll be sure to comment back

  2. You mentioned the dryness, which is a major con for me, but there's a couple of other big ones you didn't mention. There's a lack of cultural diversity. The extreme weather is pretty bad, with winter lows in the teens and brutal sun in the summer. On the pro side, there is a bakery called La Baguette de Normandy. Technically it's in Parker, but that's fairly close to Denver. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

  3. Would it be a smart decision to move to Colorado Denver when your just graduating highschool and want to move on your own to start a new life? I heard you mention the living expenses, how expensive are you talking? Lol 👀 I’ve been trying so hard to find places to move to with nice weather, good living expenses, and plenty of fun activities to do! ☺️

  4. Denver looks like a scene from the walking dead! The city is a big concrete cluster f*ck ! Overpriced homes and gang tags all over the city! Northern CO is better but the whole state is completely overrated and overpriced!
    And it never rains! Wildfires in the summer!

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