Make THOUSANDS with These Real Estate Side Hustles in 2022!

Start these real estate side hustles for FREE and make THOUSANDS!

If you want to become a full time real estate investor, one of the best ways to start is with a real estate side-hustle! These side-hustles will help you get your foot in the door with an investor, help you build capital to buy real estate, and show you how to make money in real estate and show you real estate investing mistakes to avoid.

If you want a video on WHOLESALING, REAL ESTATE AGENTS, HOME INSPECTORS, and more, comment your favorite emoji below! If we get 1,000 comments, I’ll make that video 🧚🏾‍♀️

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  1. I'm so so happy for you! Just recently started watching your videos and they're very informative. You are such an inspiration! So proud of you! Keep on flying angel!

  2. I just saw your channel and I IMMEDIATELY loved it 😂I’m a wholesaler and To make ends meet I live off of side hustle money and reinvest all wholesale money. Love the channel

  3. Thank you for this video and just all the bomb content you are out here providing. I am looking for a side hustle to replace another and just went a moment ago online with my state to try becoming a notary. I paid the fee and will consider doing bird dogging since I already do part time meal delivery and am really becoming familiar with my area and beyond. I deal with 2 states and know the other state I don't live in like the back of my hand. Lots of great ideas!!

  4. Crazy question because I’m a new person watching and now subscribed. But what made you stop doing wholesaling? Me and my husband are literally in our first rehab home and I’m telling him I want to start wholesaling because I think it’ll be easier and he’s committed to flipping houses and then get into the apartment complexes from there. But anyways what made you stop Wholesaling?

  5. Any interest in doing a video of walking a newbie investor through their first deal. A mentorship.

    Happy to talk more about it but could be great content. Just a thought.

    Love the videos keep up the good know and dropping knowledge.

  6. You are an excellent presenter! Thank you for taking time to be thorough, comedic and informative! I'd love to see you do a video about wholesaling, Particularly what you consider the best way to find sellers and buyers. Also so information about how to obtain lists and where to obtain lists. Thank you for all the fabulous insight you provided.

  7. I admire you lili, what an inspiration. I wana do the same thing you doing

    You don't need any degree or certification to do what you do..👍😃💯

  8. I just need to say Thank you for this video and for the information you're providing!! I love the transparency. We've been in the real estate business for 4 years as agents and 3 years as wholesalers. We are just now motivated to purchase our own flip and are doing the research on starting in on an Airbnb property! My partner and I are in our 40's and to see so many young investors in the game that can teach and share valuable information is refreshing! You are KILLING it!! We hope and pray to get deeper in the game with you! Again, thank you and good luck to all of your future success 😀

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