Meow Wolf's Biggest Experience Yet Is In Denver Colorado

There’s just so many doors!

Visit Meow Wolf:

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  1. I am from Denver and I finally got to go to the Meow Wolf here. It is absolutely amazing! The scale of the entire thing is massive (5 stories or more I believe) and it is so big that elevators are needed lol. The best part is that every floor is its own unique massive world and they have employees in certain parts of each world that dress up and play into the roles of that reality lol. I also had the chance to visit Meow Wolf in Vegas recently. It is absolutely amazing how different the 2 are when it comes to the themes and the set ups, but both the Denver and the Vegas Meow Wolf’s we’re worth every penny. The amount of time, money, detail, and artistry that went into making these places a reality is mind blowing. It is something you cannot put into words, you cannot even properly capture on video the extent of the artistry and detail, experiencing it yourself is the only way to really take in. It is even better if you can experience it while tripping, but even if you are sober it will make you feel like you are tripping inside a real life Alice in Wonderland world lol. Shout out to the curators and artists that helped make these places a reality! 👏🙏

  2. Definitely the worst out of all the meow wolfs. Evil imagery through the whole thing. Antichrist symbols and animals all with horns. Made me sick.

  3. Drive by it everyday I've heard great and horrible reviews either love it or hate it I heard. Also had a friend say it was outrageously expensive. I dont know I just drive by it everyday.

  4. I drive by this place everyday to go to work. Looks boring on the outside, besides the giant sign, but its also $40 per person… I'll check it out in person and see if its worth it

  5. i passed by the building the other day and had no idea it’d be this cool, the dragon statue outside was very intriguing tho

  6. They built the stupidest looking building. From the outside it looks horrible and blocks some great views of the city from Colfax. Not enough people will pay to visit and it will become an empty pos, so great for Denver…

  7. am i wrong or does this have economic failure written all over it. vegas seems like a spot but denver? one and done, never going back and covid won't help a bit.

  8. I wonder how many times a month paramedics are called to this place because someone is having a really bad trip. Looks like eye candy with little substance. You walk around, go " Ooo, cool, ohh wow!" then you walk out and continue with your normal life.
    I'll take joy over entertainment any day.

  9. She’s not wearing a mask in there. I tried to purchase tickets to go to this venue. And they have strict rules. Need to be vaccinated, need to show proof. Need to wear mask. Need to take Covid test before event.

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