1. My 65 year old grandma and I went on this about 4 years ago and it was a wreck lmao, my restraint decided not to be secure after we were already climbing to the top and I was in the front, screaming at the ride operator to stop the ride. I finally closed my eyes and was telling my grandma “alright guess this is my time to go 😹💀 it was pretty rough it actually caused her to bleed on her arm (yes I know older people get hurt more easily) but sheesh it was indeed a f*cking experience I refuse to ever ride this again 😭

  2. I have been on it and man… I am never going back on it. This 2 days after I went on it and my head still hurts. It is really rough… There is a reason why it's called the Mind Eraser.

  3. I went on this and I don't remember ANYTHING after the drop, my friend said she didn't hear me at all. Pretty sure I passed out and saw god for a minute 😭

  4. I went on this ride today, it said dont put your head out so I pressed my head to the seat really hard and I got a headache lol would recommend if you like bumpy and fast rides

  5. Omg my older brother made me go on it with him and I was crying and some girl started singing happy birthday to me even though it wasn’t my birthday she was just trying to cheer me up random girl if you see this thank you

  6. Just went on it for the first time yesterday and it is way rougher than it looks on the video but it is very fun I recommend it for people who haven't rode it before, also it is a fun experience just remember to keep your head back on the seat the entire time.

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