Mini Food Forest in Denver, Colorado. A front yard edible garden using permaculture design.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A SKIP IN THE VIDEO NEAR THE END OF MINUTE 5- PLEASE CLICK PAST MINUTE 5 to MINUTE 6 TO CONTINUE WATCHING. A no till permaculture garden using sheet mulch. Year 3 of establishment. I forgot to show the Sea Kale (perennial), Banana Yucca (perennial) and Siberian Pea Shrub (perennial nitrogen fixer) that work well here in Denver. Garden is watered with a drip system (about $350 to set up- I already had a sprinkler system installed). I used local fresh manure, cardboard, newspaper and free wood chips from XCEL to get the majority of sheet mulch built. I now use “natural fines” mulch from a local landscaping company to add to the top of the sheet mulch in the spring. I also added rock dust this year which I believe is helping with the pests (aphids) that I struggled with last year. I did weed the tree of heaven sprouts and bindweed earlier in the season to keep it under control. Weeds are fine to leave in if you wish, but very easy to pull out of the deep mulch. Check out my spring update video for more details on the sheet mulching: . David Braden from Living Systems helped me do the initial design and drip set up. I’m also inspired by John Kohler’s Growing Your Greens You Tube Channel: . Lastly, please join the Denver Permaculture Guild on Facebook if you want to connect with more permies in the Denver area! You can follow my forest adventures on Instagram at


  1. Hi! Thank you so sharing your knowledge with us! I just moved to Colorado and I am interesting in permaculture gardening. Do you know of local support groups that can help me achieve a beautiful garden likes your?

  2. It's time to plant seeds, learn to grow food, and be more self-reliant. A storm is on

    the horizon. Join us at Food Forest Abundance where we will be sharing tips on how to be self-reliant.

  3. Has anyone in the Denver area had Monarch Butterflies in the last 3 years? I have let Milkweed grow in front of my townhouse (much to my HOA maintenance man's displeasure) and I have only attracted a few Viceroy butterflies.

  4. Are you growing heirloom veggies or are the cukes, and melons hybrid? If they are heirloom seeds what variety are they that are doing so well? How many inches deep was the mulch? What garden zone are you? Thanks for the video, it looks healthy , thriving, and gorgeous!

  5. You created a lovely garden. If you would accept a suggestion…you might change you neighbors’ attitudes faster if you designed it to encourage them to help themselves to a raspberry.

  6. I am a beginner at this in Houston Texas. Have a very small yard and doing this. Your video has been a life saver for me. LOve you and all this. Please keep it going 🙂

  7. Love the garden. I think I would keep corn for the back yard though.Although yours is lacking, it could do well some year and grow quite tall. That would over shade your sun loving ground covers, and quite honestly take away from the beautiful garden you have created.

  8. That's a nice tour. I love the end of the video where all those boring lawns in the neighborhood are exposed for what they are, while you have this amazing ecosystem established. Thumbs up!

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