Moving to Denver Colorado in 2021? ( What Cities Fits You the BEST!)

Moving to Denver Colorado in 2021? ( What Cities Fits You the BEST!) // Are you considering moving to Colorado? Maybe you’re planning on relocating to Denver Colorado with your family and would like to know what Colorado cities would fit you best?

Today in this video, you will learn what cities fit you the best when moving to Denver Colorado in 2021!

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  1. Question. I have a permanent work from home job. We would love to move to the mountains. Do you think the prices in places like Bailey or that area will stabilize or go down in years to come?

  2. We recently moved to Northern Utah, after living in San Diego for 15 years, but we already have our sights on Colorado. My GF is originally from Loveland and, though we'd prefer Ft Collins or Boulder, the jobs (space/aerospace engineering) and affordability are definitely leading us towards Denver. We plan on looking into relocating in 2 to 3 years, when I'm eligible to take out another VA loan. Are there any current or up-and-coming areas under $600k with bigger lots (1/2 acre plus)?

  3. Rented out my home here In Rialto ca about to move in with some family in Greeley co. Not sure if I’ll stay in co but I’ll try it out for a year. I know Greeley is bad neighborhood but it’s not bad as San Bernardino county. If I do stay might get a place in Loveland

  4. Our house is finally being built in Castle Rock and we're moving out there next week. Quick question, we heard a lot of natives don't like Californians (I don't think anybody likes Californians lol). We have a bad rep, so should I say we moved from Arizona? Had 2 people tell me I look like I am from California, but not sure what it is haha.

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