Multiple pileups close northbound I-25 in Denver

Heavy snow is hitting Colorado Sunday, causing closures on highways across the state.

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  1. The problem is Colorado drivers are awful. They are a combination of multiple states worst drivers. Stop speeding on 1-70 you idiots. I go 10 over and get honked in the far right lane. Just calm the fuck down and don’t drive like a nascar driver on 1-70 and 25. It’s very simple. A lot of you need to realize the traffic is bad and going 20 mph faster won’t do anything but risk death.

  2. Pretty obvious what happened- I’ve never seen anything like this. You have a bunch if incapable people driving behind the wheel. They don’t understand snow, they don’t have the right car ( which is a small part of the problem as I drove a 2 wheel v6 coupe without a problem here for 10 years), and they think they can drive either way too slow or way too fast. In the words of the late abs great patches ohoolihan “it’s like a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob” out here. So sick of it. It’s not hard to drive in the snow, but transplants make it a point to be the very worst at it always.

  3. CDOT is joke. They dont do anything to keep these roads safe. After living here for 27 years I saw that roads were maintain better in 90-is than today. Shame since budget is 4 times higher than before. Too much administration, and not enough actual worforce in CDOT.

  4. And yet I pass people in my Prius every time it snows…. Good tires are your friend people. Save money on dumb, overpriced, gas guzzling SUV and trucks and just get good tires.

  5. It isn't Vale pass it's Vail Pass, doesn't look like a massive amount of snow. Lived there my whole life, people need to slow down and drive appropriate speeds, it isn't Los Angeles.

  6. Effects of the morons from caifornia moving here. They suck driving in good weather let alone snow.

  7. 100% Florida, Cali and Texas drivers. If you guys are going to move to Colorado, please learn to drive in the snow. There are so many resources out there to learn from.

  8. I rent cars on turo and my Porsche Macan Turbo slid into a curb and broke two wheels possibly more. That car has snow tires and does better in the snow than any vehicle I have ever owned. People just need to slow down for sure.

  9. Idiots driving like it's a normal day ugh.

    Do what I call it the turtle crawl. If I'm stuck driving in this, my ass is going as slow as possible. Remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare!! Slow and steady.

    Other tips: avoid bridges, take surface streets if you can, and CHECK YOUR DAMN TIRES.

  10. All drunk and stoned drivers? Welcome! Or is it just the new refugees never driving on snow?

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