My first trip since COVID, Denver, Colorado, and it was a revelation.

While travel and vacationing have been put on lock down because of COVID, the idea of visiting or flying might seem unimaginable. So this trip to Denver, Colorado, the first I’ve taken anywhere since the pandemic hit, was monumental for me. What I found was that there was a beautiful city waiting to be enjoyed, as long as you enjoyed it responsibly.

First things first … I travelled during summer and was required to take two COVID tests, and antibody test, and a rapid test when I arrived. We also quarantined and had an official chaperone with us to make sure we were doing everything beyond safely, which we were. I wouldn’t want to spread the virus, nor did I want to put myself at risk at getting it for my job, and yes, staying home is always safer, but when a majority of a state’s economy is based on tourism, these films are meant to help keep people employed inform tourists that do decide to travel how to do so safely. Always check with the CDC or local government office before leaving your house and in no way am I or anyone I was with suggesting you should travel.

(Full write up with drone vids, images, and links at my blog: )

Denver is a stunning place to visit any time of year, pandemic or not. It’s a Western town with Eastern charm, and a personality that is truly unique. It is the first in many categories, and one of the prettiest major cities in the U.S. I’ve ever seen. There is a strong culture of enjoying nature here, which also makes it a fine place to get away from it all, plus, it has the added benefit to being steps always from some other exquisite destinations, like Aspen and Telluride, which I also got to experience.

Let’s get this out of the way … it is still dangerous to travel, and if you don’t have to, then dont put yourself, and more importantly others at risk. While everyone is hurting, and tourist destinations especially feeling the brunt of this lock down, it is a double edged sword to even mention tourism these days. Yes the economy is important for people to survive, but so is their health. That said, what I found in Denver was inspiring; everyone very conscious of the world condition and doing their absolute best to minimize risk, while still being able to offer access to this amazing city.

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  1. This is a fantastic video! Very well done. You're talented with the camera and developing the narrative, and this is possibly the best video about Denver I've seen so far. Thanks for your hard work on this.

  2. Denver is overrated. Way too expensive, too many people poor infrastructure traffic is horrible too many homeless. I lived there my entire adult life and finally left last year. Moved to the East Coast, rent is the same and my job pay 20k more.

  3. Just got back from Denver. It sucked. Traffic was terrible and every road is either under construction or needs to be under construction with all the pot holes. There are homeless people everywhere, and not just in bad areas, EVERYWHERE. Average 300 days a year sunshine… I call BS, there's no way. The entire week we were there it was cloudy, raining and dreary. There is trash all over the place, even up in the mountains, and I always thought Colorado was big on keeping there state clean, guess I was wrong. I will never go back to Denver, maybe Colorado Springs, but never Denver.

  4. Got a 7 nighter planned for Roctober. Going to hi fi show at Gaylords, and hit a few record shops. Other than that want to see Wildlife refuge near airport, Red Rocks, some of Lariatt Loop, Mt Carbone mtb trail, Golden,Basso Preserve in Boulder, and Idaho Springs. If I see any of the in town touristy places like union sta I could care less. Dont know if 7 nights will be enough time….

  5. I have to say, I'm very impressed with how you handle the negative comments without resorting to name calling or putting others down. You responses are incredibly succinct and disarming. It only highlights the nastiness of others. I'm glad to hear that people were very conscientious of others safety as much as they can. I experienced something similar in Seattle this past March. It was a much needed trip to get out of Nebraska where people really aren't as 'Nebraska Nice' as they say they are.

  6. It’s changed a bit since I and two other Brits visited to work on a student visa there, in 1980. I worked as a busboy at Ruszels in the financial district (is it still there? A really nice French boss). My University of Liverpool brother worked as a dishwasher in the Art Museum, and my fellow University of Leeds student and friend landed the best job working in a bar in Laramie Square. Fun times in a fine city with an amazing climate. And it looks like it’s come on a lot. Fond memories.

  7. Absolutely hated living there. Huge growing homeless problem with tents everywhere and ppl sleeping/passed out on the sidewalk. So glad I moved

  8. Oh dude I just did work on Avanti! We did a light remodel making it look a little more rustic and gave it some fresh paint, looks really good, you’ll have to come check it out again

  9. Omg … 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Bravo to you for this amazingly well put video! This is by far the best I've came across while looking up places/things to do in Denver. I'm going next month 😊 You did a phenomenal job with this video!!!!!!!

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