National real estate exam review crash course

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  1. Hey..I’m commenting from my child’s YouTube account.. just wanted to say thanks so much. I took my class in November and it took the Mrec awhile to send my att letter. I had forgotten most of what I learned. I watched your videos over the weekend and I passed both national and Mississippi state on the first time! Thank you.. keep making this content

  2. Hi. I think u are a FANTASTIC Instructor BUT My Ears are Sooo Filled with Your Extra Words " OK, Alright, Aaaa, So, and Some of the Repeat of Same WORDS or Terminologies…" I Hope that I'm Helping You by Improving . I'm NOT Trying to Down Grade. U R A Fantastic Teacher. THANK YOU.

  3. I am freaking out. Ive been watching your videos for months and today I picked a different creator and I didn't know alot of their answers 😳

  4. What state is this study guide for? I'm studying for Florida. Thanks much for your time.

  5. Operation in law you said. How is that used in ending contracts related to demise of agent or broker or buyer or seller.etc.

  6. Been a Realtor for a year now too bad I didn’t see this before my exam but thankfully I passed

  7. Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem

    An APT complex generating $70,000 net income purchased based upon 5% cap rate what would owners equity gain be if the net income increases to 100,000 per year

    A. $200,000
    B. $400,000
    C. $500,000
    D. $600,000

  8. I feel the exam is unfairly designed. The way these study groups pose quests is NOTHING like the exam. Just say'n.

  9. hello, i just passed my state test and failed the national portion of real estate broker test, can you please help

  10. Would you please do contacts!! I have the Eagan next week and you don’t cover contacts in this webinar!! I really appreciate it l🙏

  11. Is it true that escrow account is paying for your taxes and insurance? While PMI account is paying for mortgage?

    Also if you are in an exclusive to sale listing but the house is severely burned down, can you terminate the contract to sell or you still have to keep the contract but negotiations need to be done?

  12. Listened to this on my way to the exam. Studied/crammed for a few days, passed on my first try! Thank you for your content. Nice and upbeat, easy to listen to and not get bored or fall asleep! 👍🏽

  13. I want to thank you for posting your videos, I just passed my California Real Estate Exam yesterday! Your videos helped me a lot. It was not an easy exam, at least for me. Thank you again and please keep posting your videos so you can help more student of the craft…

  14. Thank you so much! This video and the small details of advice you gave literally helped me pass my test. Thank you!! Good luck to anyone taking the test 🤙

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