NEVER Buy these 5 Types of Real Estate

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  1. Kevin if you become governor of California are you going to raise the speed limit like other states have? I mean even Texas has over 80mph going to Austin Texas and California is a very long state to go across, even in the desert where there's no residential or business or schools to slow down for.🤔👍

  2. Water damage is always the first thing I look for. Most of the multi family properties I looked at had water damage that was creating structural issues and black mold. The one I found that didn’t have water damage and just needed interior work, the guy wanted $100k more than the thing was anywhere close to worth.

    I found one with water damage and black mold coming through the walls. I walked away from it and realtor told me someone put an offer on it the next day 😂😅

  3. 1:10 Homeowner occupancy ratio is actually in place to protect home owners who want to live in their home and own it, from investment companies buying up all properties…not a bad thing Kevin

  4. Kevin, I love your videos and your YouTube channel, but you are wrong about mobile/manufactured homes. This is where location location location comes in to play with real estate. I have been a mortgage broker in South Carolina and Florida for over 20 years. I have done a ton of manufactured home loans. In the south and really most parts of the country outside of California you can buy mobile homes that have been detitled by the DMV and they are on permanent foundations and taxed by the county as a real property. You buy the mobile home and the land it is sitting on as one piece of real property just like buying a stick built house. These absolutely positively qualify for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. You can get conforming loans for these and I would say I do probably half to 2/3s of these loans either FHA or VA. The rest are straight conforming loans with 30 year terms and interest rates based on their credit score like any other mortgage.

    I even work with manufactured home dealers and help people find land and we do what’s called a land home deal often times having to get a well and septic system put in and it’s done sort of like a construction loan.

    I would never suggest someone buy just a mobile home on a leased lot. You are 100% correct on that aspect. But in most of the country you can find mobile homes on a piece of land that is deeded and taxed as real property and you can buy it with a conforming/conventional mortgage.

  5. I like commercial real estate because the amount of time you need to invest of personal time decreases significantly. When you grow large enough commercial real estate is not as challenging as operating 5 to 6 different residential properties. But all valid negatives for why purchasing those properties are risky

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