"NEVER Invest in These 7 Types Of Real Estate Properties in 2021!" – Robert Kiyosaki

“NEVER Invest in These 7 Types Of Real Estate Properties in 2021!” – Robert Kiyosaki

In this video, Robert Kiyosaki, the famed author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ and a millionaire businessman, discusses the significant trends that will dominate real estate in 2021, as well as the worst real estate investments. They also provide their thoughts on what to expect in terms of real estate investing in the next years.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert’s story of growing up with two dads — his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad — and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. You can check out his greatest works here-

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  1. So… why are vacation homes a bad deal? Here in Portugal there's a ton of vacation homes in e.g. Algarve province and lots of middle aged and retired people from several EU countries (mainly UK) rent them all year at premium prices, not just during the summer. So, please someone explain how/why is that a bad deal for the owner?

    As you slept last night, your rents are running. Your electric bill was running. Your data was running. None of your bills slept. They kept on billings as you were sleeping. In other words, you woke up owing more than you did before sleeping. That's why you need 'Passive Income'. So when you sleep, you can also make money, not just debts.

  3. I have always been fascinated by investing, but without adequate knowledge on the right thing to do, I find it difficult to start. I politely ask, what’s the best sector to invest in?

  4. Realtor 25+ years, I made my $$ In the default market from 2007-2012. The prices need to adjust, or we will have an issue! The EXTEME lack of inventory the EXTEME lack of foreclosures! There hasn't been a default inventory in the real estate market for many years. Every investor is waiting for people to be in default to lend them the $ They want the property back due to the fact there is equity still in most markets! People back before 2012 SHOULD NOT HAVE OBTAINED MORTGAGE! ALL PAPER WRITTEN AFTER 2012 IS SOLID, TO PROVE THIS, pandemic, double the interest rates from last year, A war, still won't kill this market! people wake up! This is NOT 2008 !!!

  5. Okayyy… but if you're new to this… how does one distinguish between a good teacher and bad teacher? I can certainly say I've had more bad teachers than good, but when you're new, how do you know when some charismatic and seemingly educated person is giving you a bunch of B/S.

  6. This is the worst list of the worst investments for the worst investors on the worst video channel on the worst planet in the worst solar system clearly. I never liked this solar system anyway and it’s never liked me. -Robert

  7. Okay so what classes should we take idiot? If this guy hasn’t opened his eyes.. everyone is stupid right? So how do you find the right teachers? This guy is so contradicting and negative. A lot do the things he’s listed millionaires are making money off of. But anyways you have to start somewhere … instead of wasting your money on teachers why don’t you just buy books which they also get context from to TEACH you and read and teach yourself?

  8. This guy is such a snake oil sales man. All you have to do to find out what kind of man he is, is to google the lawsuits against him for failure to pay his associates that work with him. His seminars are a complete scam, "buy houses and rent them to doctors and lawyers" because ya they can't afford to buy their own house(s). Good grief!

  9. Imagine hosting an entire channel about educating young people about how to invest and get into real estate but then in the same stroke simply telling us we’re stupid and to go “learn something from real teachers”….. lmao I thought that’s why I was here ? Rich pricks I’ll tell ya

  10. I'm just starting I just finished Rich Dad poor Dad this last week and I'm going over it again because I read it a little fast but it did have a lot of interesting stuff in there that my brain will not stop thinking about like passive income sounds interesting but how do I get there I'll have to go back and read the book again does anybody have suggestions on where to get these classes to learn about more income?

  11. He makes a great point. You should learn and educate yourself. But what I also take from this video is that rich/wealthy people WILL NOT give you the answers to make wealth.

  12. So I've watched a few videos on this guy now and he gives great advices, however, I can't help but feel like he's a pretty shitty person. He likes to talk down to poor people like they're subhuman. There's a pretty big difference between being an "idiot" and just not being educated and he appears to assume that they are both one and the same. You can give great advice without being pretentious.

  13. I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" in 2003, as a Junior in college. I don't think my life would be what it is, if not for this book. Whenever this man speaks, I listen.🙏🏾

  14. I would not say the stock market is for idiots. I would say it’s for people who can not afford nor do they wish to be a landlord. I am very happy with my passive income from my stocks. I am not happy with the morning I spent today at the ORT doing paperwork to evict a tenant.

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