No Toronto Housing Crash in 2022: Bank of Canada [ REAL ESTATE REACTION ]

No Toronto Housing Crash in 2022: Bank of Canada [ REAL ESTATE REACTION ]


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  1. It is absolutely not a bubble. It is business dynamics. As per economics if demand exceeds supply the prices are bound to increase. Toronto GTA alone has a shortfall of approx 100K houses. Canada is planning to welcome 400K immigrants. There are many immigrants and young Canadians waiting to buy houses. How can there be a bubble. It is plain economics. Government has to work towards increasing the supply side. Until supply does not exceed or equal demand nothing is going to happen. Interest rate component is a very small factor.The actual culprit is demand supply gap and Canada welcoming so many immigrants without necessary infrastructure.

  2. The Canadian govt is not worried or care about housing costs. They’re worried about the solvency of the government.

    Canada is the largest borrower. Interest rates rising would be against their own interests and the Fed has signalled that QE isn’t done yet. (that’s why Canada left the rate where it is)

    Once the real interest rate reaches ~4% this shit falls apart.

    We’re just kicking the can until it happens.

  3. I own my own property. But gee I really want the market to crash so I can upgrade….. I'm starting to sense that the government has a hidden agenda putting more fire in it.

  4. Glad to see the mic setup! I should start selling "I don't want density!" line of merch in GTA. It could be a hit amongst certain groups 🤣

  5. Also if put more restrictions to the investors, with government deficit so huge, where will government get funds to provide more affordable rental units. Needs more investors to flood the market with rental units to keep the rent low.

  6. With respect, I don't totally agree. BoC is on Federal level. 2017 Wayne's policy is on provincial level. Only GTA, Vancouver ,Montreal prices is shooting up. How about Yukon, New Brunswick and other. Alot of people wants government to do something, but which level. Local government too busy fighting covid. And unless it's election time no one politician will care about housing ownership affordability. Job of the government is to house everyone, that is why we have anti eviction law, rental increase law and vacancy tax law to free up much rental unit as possible. People forget ownership is a privilege rather needs. Which level of government needs to address this issue? Tighten Ontario, then Ontario money will flow to Calgary, I don't think Ford wants that also. This issue not easy to solve and will drag on for years to come.

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