1. Still a buyers market? Just did work in a building on 37 st on the westside the building was 30 percent empty

  2. There is no money to be made in the city, high living cost, huge health and crime risk.. so who is living in those apartments again? NYC has become unserviceable, even if the property falls it would take decades for the city to restructure so people of “all” level can work and live.

  3. Inflation is here to stay as long as the fed keeps these BS markets propped up. They just keep kicking the can down the road.

  4. Straight up propaganda. Lol. Back for who? The billionaires? A shack in queens is going for next to 1 million. There literally has been no drop in prices in either the commercial or residential real estate markets in NYC thanks to a never ending MBS buying program courtesy of the fed. People are stupid but at a certain point even stupidity doesn’t cut it when going into exorbitant debt.

  5. NYC? Buyer beware. Do you own research. Don’t listen to a real estate sales person. SMH

  6. What does that market look like in 2 years. Btw the pandemic is still here. Just mutated. Once the FED gravy train ends. Watch out… coupled with the foreclosure moratorium. Ohhh my

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