Old Elitch's amusement park Denver, Colorado 1994 5 days before closing

Here is some old footage of the much loved Eltich gardens and amusement park shorty before closing. Opened in May of 1890, this park was ranked one of the best in the United States, and the Twister roller coaster was always in the top 10 for best roller coasters. The demolishment of the old Elitch’s was nothing short of blasphemy with condemnation from people all over the World. Local Denver residents were especially upset as several generations of family members visited and worked at this park over the last 100 years.

I wondered if the magic was still there and took a job as a mechanic at the new Eltich’s (and no the old Twister design is not the same as the new Twister due to limits on G forces). Sad to say the present Elitch’s is nothing like the old Elitch’s despite several of the old rides moved there. Fortunately some of the old Elitch’s was preserved. The old theater survived, the carousel pavilion lives on with out the carousel, and part of the old main entrance is still there. The demolishment of the old park was a travesty. Shame on these people who demolish these historic sites only to replace them with over priced condos.


  1. Man that old HUSS rainbow ride I remember looking up at that thing thinking how huge it was as a kid. The sound of it alone scared me away, wasn't until it moved to the new park I have it a whirl but seemed so much smaller and less intimidating haha. Bumper cars look like i25 in the morning. Wild cat was so special my very first coaster ride. Miss the log ride too those animatronic yodeling log guys were crazy fun.

  2. Unfortunately the current Elitch's will soon be suffering the same fate with condo development and wondering where its gonna move to next. I'd say find a way to make the next gen Elitch's be a combination of what made the classic a magical place with the modern amusement parks today. But I will admit nothing compares to what made the original magical.

  3. I'm relatively old and I remember my grandparents taking me there. For my family it was a very big deal to spend the day there. I remember taking some dates there in the 80's and 90's. My elders used to watch shows at the theater with well known actors and performers there. The place was all class. But no, it was too good to be true, so they destroyed and "developed". Change is inevitable, but you know, change can really, really suck. Are there any old fashioned merry-go-rounds around this country that still thrill kids, or do they destroy those also? I'm starting to sound like my ornery grandad, and dad, I guess some things dont change 🙂 Note: It's hard to endure some high G rides with a smart phone.


  4. ….and the number of horses on the carousel,,,,you cannot be serious!!!!
    Those were the days, eh Tom.

    Places have been demolished here in the UK as well….as you said 'A Travesty'.

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