Pandemic Real Estate Bubble?

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During the pandemic, house prices have increased even faster than they did in the period leading up to the 2007 financial crisis, stoking concern that another dangerous housing bubble is developing.

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  1. Dont get why millenials become 40 have anything to say, birthrate from ‘79 tp ‘80 is lower. Not sure why when you get to 40 you suddenly should be in the prime age of buying a home – 2020 expected buying boom sounds like it needs explination

  2. You're not correct about lower mortgage rates affecting prices, the correlation is actually low when you look at the trend. The biggest predictors for housing prices are income and supply.

  3. Blackrock in the States and Lloyds Bank in the UK were given the go-ahead during lockdown to directly purchase housing on mass for rental, likely to the millennials. The latter is lending mortgages in the same market. So I'll simplify the answer to Yes there is a global house price bubble. If you want to see how to own nothing this has to be it when the bang starts

  4. Living in Georgia we have a lot of tech and fintech. So A lot of New York and Maryland/VA metro area residents moving down here and picked up all the real estate just from their northern homes equity. You can tell by the amount of out of state license plates during rush hour. It is a perfect storm.

  5. If people had to save their money to buy a house out right then we wouldn't have a housing problem.
    I think we just need to get rid of the banks at least the private ones because they seem to be at the root of the problem, try and buy a second house when you can't use your first one as capital.

  6. Well in Germany in the past it should not take longer than 25 years to pay back your loan on your house. But today we are at 35 years plus the future became more and more unpredictable.

  7. As a home owner, I can't see why expensive houses are good for me. Quiet the opposite , it will be used as an excuse to raise taxes on homes. It's time to get rid of politicians who want expensive homes. The centre right needs to be thrown out of government, across western Europe

  8. Now that Russian and Chinese investors will no longer buying properties, and probably quickly start selling their holding properties in panic, will the housing market start to cool down and take a turn? Unfolding…

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