Real estate agent flipping houses ON THE SIDE

I’m documenting my journey of flipping a house in this real estate market. We are in a competitive real estate market. Let me know of some of the choices I should make with this investment property flip.

Flipping houses is one of the most profitable ways to invest in real estate.

The idea of buying, fixing, and reselling a house is not new. However, in today’s market, it can be difficult to find the best homes to flip that are worth the time and money. In this video, I share some strategies for finding great deals on houses!

One thing to remember is that flipping a house takes time and patience. It may not be as quick and easy as flipping a switch.

If you want to learn how to flip houses for profit, then you’ll need to know what exactly flipping involves… flipping houses for profit requires several different steps:

– Buying the home below market value – Fixing up the house – Selling it at market price – Realizing your profits

The idea is simple enough, but there are many factors that can make this process difficult… In fact, flipping houses for profit can lead you down another path entirely if you don’t take the right steps.

Every year, many realtors attempt to flip a house or two. Some of them succeed and make money flipping houses using their real estate agents license. Others end up losing more money flipping a home than they could earn in commission fees.

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Chastin Miles is a licensed real estate agent for eXp Realty.



  1. I like how you are opening up the space. I don't like (personally for myself) not having a bathtub. I heed a relaxing bubble bath every once in a while. I really like the tile for the laundry room.

  2. Jason, you have some really Good ideas. My only recommendation is to get a quote to refinish the existing hardwood flooring in the lighter colors you like. It may be less expensive than replacing them with tile. Congratulations on landing a renovation property in this tough market. I really like your channel.

  3. Leave the bathtub in the main bathroom. Need tub for kids. Use vinyl plank on the floors, faster, cheaper and easier to repair or replace. That popcorn may have asbestos if it was put in before the 80s.

    Where is this at and what’s your rental price point? Get rid of that tree out front. It’s going to grow and cause issues with the eaves and the foundation.

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  5. Think you should with the dark grey… a lot of people use dark floors ing rentals … I’m guessing so it don’t look so dirty… or scratch up

  6. Hey Chastin!
    Your ideas for this property is spot on!!!! I’m so excited to see the final results!!! Quick question: Are you going to do the “side island” that would divide the kitchen from the living/family room or place an island in the actual kitchen? You have stumbled across a hidden gem. 💎

  7. Bitcoin should be Transparent and it  isn’t as easy as people thinks it is, there are so many strategies to be learnt and unfolded about Bitcoin trading, forex, stocks and real estate

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