REAL ESTATE AGENT Going out of business in 2022 – Recession WARNING! DAILY VLOG

This is a day in the life of a real estate agent and now a real estate investors. As a realtor I face a lot obstacles everyday with buyers, sellers, investors, and now my tenants. With the 2022 recession the real estate industry has come to a stop. If you are about to start your real estate career or thinking about starting in real estate this vlog will help you get some insight on how every day in real estate looks like from the perspective of a successful real estate agent and real estate investor.

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REAL ESTATE AGENT Going out of business in 2022 RECESSION

As always I want to thank you for following along and support my real estate journey from day 1 as a real estate agent. I make these videos because unfortunately many new real estate agents start their real estate careers completely in the dark. Then when a new real estate agent tries to find out the best ways to build their real estate business they bombarded by all these coaching trying to sell you their way to becoming a successful real estate agent. I want to be the beacon of transparency showing everyone exactly what being a real estate agent is all about. I have nothing for sale and I just try to document my journey in this real estate game and share some of the lesson I learn along the way. I started my real estate career at 21 years old so you could say I was a young real estate agent so there were many obstacle in my way. If you followed me long enough you can see the growth over the years and that is the main thing I want to get across.