Real Estate – Darling (Official Video)

Real Estate – “Darling” from ‘In Mind’, released 2017 on Domino Record Co.
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Directed by Weird Days (Drew Blatman, Alex Goldberg, and Ben Schechter)
Producer: Sasha Okshteyn
DP: Caleb Seppala
A.C.: Andreas Roalsvig
Gaffer: Guillaume Caron
Grip: Was Berkley
Grip: Nico Santo

Art Director: Valentina Gaallup Salerni
Stylist: Cristina Gil Donaire
Make Up & Hair: Clara Leonard
Production Assistant: Dana Savage
Production Assistant: Kedian Keohan
Foley Mix: Dan Mchugh

Horse: Like No Other aka Moose
Horse Wrangler: Cari Swanson
Horse Wrangler: Dean Temple
Horse Wrangler: Victoria Kemmerer
Horse Wrangler: Ardian Hasko

Vocalist/Guitar: Martin Courtney
Bass: Alex Bleeker
Keys: Matt Kallman
Guitar: Julian Lynch
Drums: Jackson Pollis
Drummer #2: Tyler Drosdeck


  1. For all the people making jokes about these guys looking like school teachers or dads:

    It should be about the music and not image or age. Everyone gets older and not everyone is overly-concerned with looking cool. (Although I suspect these guys are intentionally trying to be a bit dorky.)
    I have noticed that there is this ethos creeping into the independent music scene that I don't like: it's an ethos concerned with fashion, sex appeal, and ego–the type of values you would associate with more commercialized music scenes, and everything "indie music" is supposedly a haven against. Ageism is not a good trip guys. Just be yourselves and enjoy great music. Being a teenager or twenty something is so overrated anyway, and it's exhausting trying to be cool all the time.

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  3. Holy crap!!! I’ve watched this video for 4 years, I just realized the horse represents Matt. He’s the Elephant in the room, but Real Estate is always on the edge of irony, so they made Matt a horse rather than an elephant.

  4. In an alternative universe were the Shins doesn't exist and your looking for a band to fill that void you will find them playing in the detritus of that universes global crisis hence the horse

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