Real estate in Cyprus: prices, locations, best options for rent and investment in Paphos.

Today I meet with Jannis. He is a real estate agent based in Paphos, Cyprus. Feel free to contact Jannis to get a consultation and to find the best property in Cyprus for you.


1:40 Expertise and experience of Jannis in real estate
4:30 Main reasons why people move to Paphos, Cyprus from abroad
6:40 People from what countries are coming to Cyprus?
8:00 Corona and lockdowns in Cyprus: update
11:47 Steps to rent or buy a property in Cyprus
15:00 How much time does it take to find a property and to move in a rental property?
16:30 The best time to find a property in Cyprus
17:45 The most important for Jannis – the best service for clients
19:20 Maintenance of properties services
20:30 Internet speed in Cyprus
24:06 International schools in Paphos, Cyprus
29:00 Choice of properties in Cyprus (with examples)
33:20 Holiday rentals administration service
34:20 Mortgage loan process in Cyprus
36:15 Lifestyle in Paphos
39:00 Cuisine and restaurants in Paphos, Cyprus
41:30 If you search property in Paphos, please, contact Jannis

Jannis helps to find the right property for your needs. If you are interested in moving to Cyprus or investing in real estate in Cyprus watch this video. You will get tips from Jannis on the best locations at Paphos, prices, rental and purchasing procedures, choice of international schools and many other.

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