Real Estate investing for beginners | What is a Deed | How to Buy a House – Brad Simmons

Be my sidekick and we’ll go see some awesome places! Brad Simmons Real Estate investing for beginners | What is a Deed | How to Buy a House – Brad Simmons – How to Buy a House | Real Estate Investing.
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  1. I’d love to hear drunk history of mortgages , sounds interesting I’m 23 .. made some quick luck money off crypto , the monetary system is destroyed , but now I have to deploy .. somewhere or onto something new subscriber 💪🏽💯

  2. Nice Brad! Hey I'm a grass team client. Living amongst a sea of cardboard boxes. We're trying to figure things out.
    Here's the question.
    We need a bank. We like credit union style banks for our capital. Can you please suggest an institution. Can you help us please?

  3. I got a question: ok, so I found a property for 5k it is 2 acres with a 3 bdrm 2 ba doublewide, It is off grid with a 3500 gallon water tank and a wood stove. There is electricity available but someone tilled the buried line so it needs repaired. The owner lives in florida, the property is in ohio. they agree to do a land contract 1500 down 300 a month plus 100 a month taxes to the 1200 per year tax. I dunno how contracts work between 2 states, it's not on the market so I'm not in a rush, but I dunno the legalities and such for doing this. is there a document I can print for this and do I mail it back and forth, do I notarize it on both ends one in FL and again in OH? thanks in advance for the tips. my first purchase ever so I am lost lol

  4. hi Brad, great video. i live in Canada with dreams of moving to Kentucky, what would it look like if i want to start buying property from out of country? possibly a few income properties and and one ideal property where i would move to eventually

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