Real Estate investing for beginners | What is a Deed | How to Buy a House – Brad Simmons

Be my sidekick and we’ll go see some awesome places! Brad Simmons Real Estate investing for beginners | What is a Deed | How to Buy a House – Brad Simmons – How to Buy a House | Real Estate Investing.
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  1. Brad does it get humid in the summers? Also do you get very many tornadoes? I’ve been interested in KY plan on coming for a visit soon to look around and see my options.

  2. Let’s talk Tornadoes, it’s absolutely amazing looking there but tornadoes freak me out, how much do you see them?
    Is it humid in Kentucky? I am from Az

  3. I’d love to hear drunk history of mortgages , sounds interesting I’m 23 .. made some quick luck money off crypto , the monetary system is destroyed , but now I have to deploy .. somewhere or onto something new subscriber 💪🏽💯

  4. When a person owns a property out right!!! They should get the Deed and not a copy!!!! Just like a car!!!! That's why people can steal a property!!¡ Trump 2024

  5. BRAAAAAAAD!!!!! OMG! I didn’t even realize you were doing YouTube vids. See ya at the next MM group. Hope the boys and Cindy are doing well.

  6. Brad I watched you while having coffee and some sausage egg casserole. I watched the whole thing. That's good brah.

  7. Nice Brad! Hey I'm a grass team client. Living amongst a sea of cardboard boxes. We're trying to figure things out.
    Here's the question.
    We need a bank. We like credit union style banks for our capital. Can you please suggest an institution. Can you help us please?

  8. I got a question: ok, so I found a property for 5k it is 2 acres with a 3 bdrm 2 ba doublewide, It is off grid with a 3500 gallon water tank and a wood stove. There is electricity available but someone tilled the buried line so it needs repaired. The owner lives in florida, the property is in ohio. they agree to do a land contract 1500 down 300 a month plus 100 a month taxes to the 1200 per year tax. I dunno how contracts work between 2 states, it's not on the market so I'm not in a rush, but I dunno the legalities and such for doing this. is there a document I can print for this and do I mail it back and forth, do I notarize it on both ends one in FL and again in OH? thanks in advance for the tips. my first purchase ever so I am lost lol

  9. hi Brad, great video. i live in Canada with dreams of moving to Kentucky, what would it look like if i want to start buying property from out of country? possibly a few income properties and and one ideal property where i would move to eventually

  10. Thank you for the information. I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of weeks and they are great, makes me want to move to Kentucky.

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