Real estate outlook for 2022: Are there signs the housing market may be cooling off?

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Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous speaks with CFRA Research’s Ken Leon to discuss housing market trends and the the outlook for 2022.

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  1. Bought my first home (917sq ft condo in Las Vegas) in 2005 for $158,900.00. Fought foreclosure for years after the financial crisis. Went through foreclosure in 2016. Freddie Mac sold the home for $30,500.00 to a private equity firm. The home was finally resold in August of 2020 for $138,000.00. Between now and that last sale. According to some of the home value calculators online, the condo is now worth almost $250,000.00. A quarter of a million dollars for a condo on the second floor of a 2 floor complex in crime ridden Las Vegas where the pandemic rose unemployment to almost 25%. Las Vegas is far from recovering from the pandemic and its never been worse. Of course, this town is driven by hospitality. Tell me this isn't another housing bubble in the making.

  2. At the top every market cycle we hear the market won't crash, just go down slowly as rates rise. And what happens every time? The market crashes. Humans aren't rational beings. They are rationalizing beings. Look a the stupidity of the world over the past couple of years if you need more proof. Humans will believe anything if they're afraid of another outcome. Rest assured, the US housing market will crash simply because it has to.

  3. Such wrong info here. Not going to go up slowly. This is ,, and has been inflation for a decade. Inflation is getting much stronger now. And you think housing is going to go up slower . Housing is one good ,, and goods are going up at a higher % . So what makes you think inflation is now going to slow up?? While we have only done about 18% of the new money supply into higher prices. Prices from here have better then 400% increases still to happen. And fed isn't slowing it yet. They can't . We have so much coming they have to let us take a hit of a lot of it without protecting us. So 2022 will likely see the biggest price increase of all time for homes. As everyone now knows we're in inflation , fed is NOT slowing it by increasing interest and everyone will be back to work. No chance housing will go slower while people move to hedge to inflation (because they now know they have to , to survive ). We have at least 15 more years of this. The speed in which we get there changes with amount of interest and reserve amount from Fed. Right now moving on to very fast for a while.

    No crystal ball needed, turns out a calculator works better. Homes are going to make a massive jump up in 2022. Can't produce this much money supply without a corresponding increase in prices. The reason a home prices in 1960 was 10K and now 600K is inflation. We'll never be back to that. Same as we are never coming back to todays prices once it leaves. Inflation pure and simple changes prices we think as normal to higher . It's happening right now.

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