Real Estate – Paper Cup (Official Video)

Real Estate – “Paper Cup”, from ‘The Main Thing’, out now on Domino Record Co. Directed by Nick Roney
for Stink Films & Callen

Executive Producers — Ryland Burns, Katie Lambert, & Martha McGuirk

CCO — Craig Allen
Creatives — Matt Nall / Kyle Davis
Executive Producer — Mike Davidson

Producer — Elisha Gustafson

Director of Photography — Christopher Ripley
1st AC — Jordan Utley & Spencer Goff
2nd AC — Chris Hammock & Brenna Empey
Camera PA — Curbin Dallina
Gaffer — Brent Rowland & Jared Jaynes
Best Boy Electric — Josh Miller
Key Grip — AJ Beer
Dolly Grip — Elias Jeppeson
Grip — Camille Johnson & Christian Spangler

Production Designer — Cortni Wimberley & Meg Cabell
Propmaster — Emma Swenson
Art PA — Jaimy Lee
Special Effects: Roundy SPFX
Animatronic Designer: Chris Hanson

Wardrobe Stylist — Subrina Mohr & Lianna Hartley
Wardrobe Assistant — Ciera Perry
HMU — Subrina Mohr
SPFX Makeup — Laura Hendricks

1st AD — Tyson Whitney
PAs — Gaylen Smith, Austin Farmer, McKenzie Smith, Nathan Smith, Matt Gagnon, Stephen St. Peter, Duncan Biles, Beth Kearsley, April Stromberg
Choreographer — Jaomi Pacheco

Editor — Dusten Zimmerman
Post House — Exile Edit
VFX Supervisor — Ryan Game
VFX Artists — Alex Budlan, John Bashyam, Geoff Stephenson
CGI Artist — Vicki Juhasz
Colorist — Chris Ripley
Sound Designer — Shaun Yee

Chipper — James Morris
Chipper Stand Ins — John Anderson & Renny Wardle
Devin — Alex Weyerstall
Bully — Jagger Woolstenhulme
Employee — Martin Courtney
Doctor — Palmer Scott
Bus Stop Woman — Robin Wardle
Kids — Quinn Gustafson, Jonah Hashimoto, Rhythm Pacheco, Samuel Hashimoto, Reiken Barber, Damon Clement, Owen Clement
Birthday Party Dad — Craig Allen


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  1. love that this video basically….explains me in Chuck e. cheese…I know the animatronics, the shows, the songs and know they arent their for saying bad things about them. I LOVE Chucke cheese and this video basically made me smile and cry in my mind a bit…Since I wish i could hug chuck and say….Your still MY favorite mouse no matter what they say to you….I wish i had an animatronic chuck in my room one day….Thank you for bringing my memories to a good use and to a great song….thanks!!!…..

  2. I think this made me sadder than the creators would have intended. I feel like I don't ever want to see this video again or hear this song, and that's not because it's a bad song… it's because this video is SAD in a way that you just don't want to feel sad when you're watching a music video.

  3. This song is sublime. Experiencing it before ever seeing the video stirred up a lot of emotions in me that conflict with how sunny this feels on the surface. Eventually I read Martin's comments about the track and it adds an awful lot in addition to my own emotional reaction. Later, I saw the video, and I'm just gutted and literally brought to tears by what Nick Roney and his collaborators added to it. It seems to be taken by many as black comedy, but for me it's so much more. It's almost unfathomable to me that so many feelings about living, dying, acceptance, loss, regret, innocence, unconditional love, nostalgia, cruelty and mortality could be captured in the form of a music video, let alone one for such an unpretentious and seemingly joyful piece of music. No need for me to describe my reaction specifically, but I was, and am just incredibly moved and so shaken up by something that seems on the surface to be a little slice of Summer pop. Every aspect of this seems to have spoken to me. I'll hold on to this one, probably forever. We all have those things that reach so deep inside that feel as if they were created for you alone. No way I can thank Martin, Real Estate and Nick enough.

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