Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 51-100 (2021)

Today we go through 50 questions from our real estate practice exam.

I highly encourage you guys to grab a pencil and paper and follow along. That way, it’s just like taking the real exam, and you can have a simulated test experience.

EDIT: We made a mistake on question 52. WE apologize. It should be option C. And the explanation should say lender or mortgagee. Sorry about that!

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0:00 Introduction
1:20 Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 1 – 10
21:27 Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 10 – 20
41:33 Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 20 – 30
1:07:03 Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 30 – 40
1:34:08 Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 40 – 50

If you haven’t watched our 2020, or 2019 videos I highly suggest you do. While the versions are different, the information on the older videos are still relevant and still a fantastic study resource.

Check out the 2020 version here:
Check out the 2019 version here:

This version will have some newer questions mixed in, and we’re super excited to go over them with you guys. We will probably add a new version every year, so if you are watching this in the future, look for that too.

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