Real Estate prices in Jamaica are Ridiculous! | I want the Real Estate Market to crash.

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  1. I said this about Jamaica like 10 years ago how the government was going to start to push the lower-income residents off if the best places to live. I had just started to return to the island at that time and was thinking of buying some land and building a small airb&b at that. time girl now the prices are so ridiculous now I wouldn't dare think of buying at those crazy prices now. But id love to buy in a rural area now and set up a farm on a small plot plus what we call a tiny house here in the states .

  2. Please stay home until you're financially stable. It is very expensive once you leave home. Believe me.

  3. I hear that.. its because foreigner keep buy you out. If there was a god he would make sure all those "investments" turn to dust if your not a jamaican or a decendent of a jamaican and the same should happen to greedy jamaicans

  4. If the government changed the laws to outlaw airbnb + didn't allow oversea buyers to purchase real estate we would see a huge crash and i'd love it.

  5. If the RE market crashes you won't necessarily be able to purchase a house. RE and the economies it supports is a significant part of the GDP. If that is depressed it has all kind of negative implications for the economy overall. Banks would take a big hit, interest rates would be hiked, in short it's complicated. I wish you & your peers all the best, Im sure it will be fine in the end.

  6. this is what happens when you boŕrow world bank money it comes along with european vodóo econonmics,firstly they devalue your money to nothing so that an apartment could cost ninety five million dollars,secondly they reduce wages to a pittance so that the average jamaican could never afford to own property in his own country,that is where the foreigners comes in and buys up all the best land build lavish resorts and hire the native at slave wages.then heaven help you if you miss payments on their loans, this is where your crooked politicians becomes wealthy poor people takes to crime the middle class flees to gated communities and you end up with a failed country like jamaica.

  7. Finally someone is talking about it. Everybody is out here pretending they are rich and all is fine. It's ridiculous 😒

  8. I am a youngster so I want the housing market to crash so I can afford a house 😀

    But the reality is the housing market in Jamaica is geared towards returning residents and international investors, and the Jamaican government have little to no reservations in place for the younger generation. That is why we leave our home to get ahead in life and maybe come back home.

    Honestly I am no longer interested in buying a home but instead to invest in a property. Make your family home conducive for an extended family, invest as a family in additional real estate and earn an income, rather than pick up another liability.

  9. This is where I wish our 🇯🇲 black men and women in JA worked smarter TOGETHER TO BUILD AND GROW TOGETHER what they want, because ALL can be achieved way easier with 2 people instead of just 1. But, unfortunately many just will not wake up until its too late🤷🏾‍♀️…

  10. Portmore sounds like Kendall Fl geez! One way in and one way out or pay the Florida turnpike tolls for 675,00 pop!

  11. Ironshore… new is expensive but the older homes for sale in Ironshore May fit more with your budget?

  12. Crazy always is… but crashing is never good for any economy! Buy land and work towards building something! The start does not have to be a 3/4 million usd in Jamaica

  13. Hi stop it! You are unique… because they start their vlogs a certain way… don’t mean you gotta do the same ! Eagles soar alone! Big up

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