Real Estate – Real Estate (Full album)

1. Beach Comber – 0:00
2. Pool Swimmers – 4:28
3. Suburban Dogs – 7:44
4. Black Lake – 12:21
5. Atlantic City – 15:51
6. Fake Blues – 17:41
7. Green River – 21:22
8. Suburban Beverage – 24:02
9. Let’s Rock The Beach – 30:13
10. Snow Days – 34:55


  1. Memories growing up going to Jacksonville beach with my parents. Hazy overcast days, long walks back to the campsite, a cooler full of fish. The memory is grainy and distorted, with some of the family members no longer alive but the feelings are all fresh and full of life.

  2. Oh to realize the time i used to listen to this in februari when winter was almost at an end back when i was in high school, looking for whatever will happen in the future. Playing in the snow in the park after a typical day of school and not worrying too much about homework. Now 10 years later it feels so nostalgic to think back to that period and how all the people i knew back then are not in my life anymore, wondering where they are now in their lives.

  3. Oh boy, this remembers me the summer of 2011 (December in Brazil) where I used to listen this CD all day long.I live in the north coast of the estate of São Paulo, city of São Sebastião :). It makes me come back to that time, where i had just joined the college, and I was super excited about life. I kinda lost that excitement, even though I accomplished a lot since then. This album gives me the good feelings back, in a small proportion, of course. My sincere words, from Brazil 🙂

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