Real Estate Slowdown then crash?? – Interest Rates to the moon? – The Canadian Real Estate Show

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Real Estate Slowdown then crash?? – Interest Rates to the moon? – The Canadian Real Estate Show

Darryl and TK discuss the Canadian Real Estate Market in depth from their own unique perspectives with a particular focus on The Toronto Real estate Market. This week we discuss we are fortunate to have Quentin D’Souza join us.

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Please join us on an adventure through this week’s Real Estate news.
This week we talk in circles about what we believe the future will look like in 2022.
A weekly deep dive into the current Toronto Real estate News.

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  1. Let's talk about private equity funds which are driving about a third of the sales in the country – low to no return on cash, but 6% to 9% return on turning single family homes into rental units. BOC is just playing around the edges of the problem… more people than houses, shrinking supply and increasing demand.

  2. Folks, Beware of the (CRASH TALKERS). They’re mad because they know they already missed the boat to buy dirt cheap. They use terms like (FOMO) to scare thousands of buyers from purchasing a home in hopes that they can once again see rock bottom prices.
    But folks, real estate is a Sine Wave function that has an upward incline because of an ever increasing population and a limited amount of land. If one thinks by the old saying “what goes up, must come down”, then they are sadly mistaken and will surely MISS OUT! The Real Estate Sine Wave Medium is ALWAYS in an upward direction, you’re especially lucky if you catch the bottom of the Sine Wave, but are guaranteed to succeed in time EVEN if you buy in at the top, providing you can afford your purchase. At the very least, YOU PREVENT INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS FROM JACKING UP YOUR RENT TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

  3. Love the show. I think everyone is missing the obvious point: The Bank of Canada is behind the curve. The 5 year is heading to 5%, and variables could be above 4% by early next year. This will clobber the market. I'm in the market for my first home already have my downpayment and could pay the current prices but won't. All of a sudden my apartment rent is looking really good. This year, I will take a few high-end vacations and outings to nice restaurants. Would rather be life and experience-rich than house poor 🙂 I can't see buying until the market takes a 20% haircut if I'm going to pay 5% interest. So even if developers, real estate agents and flippers don't see the market correcting they are deluding themselves.

  4. Hey guys another great show, thank you! Your killing me with the ads tho!!!! Congrats on the growth !!!!!!

  5. Anybody who thinks that the Canadian real estate run up is all about demand and supply for endusers has no clue what they are talking about. The pandemic move of 35% upward in prices proves that the whole market has been mostly based on price momentum. That is people riding the wave. Not just single homeowners riding the wave, but flippers and investors who piled in en masse in 2002-2007 pushing prices up and setting the stage for the start of the tsunami. Add in realtor fees, land transfer fees and the gov't constantly stepping in to bail the real estate market out by making mortgages easier and pouring QE money into the economy, everybody has been conditioned to think prices should go up 10-20% every year. Sure housing supply should increase but that won't drop prices if everybody still is expecting this kind of crazy price action.

    The only thing that will break this market and give it a good 30-35% correction is 2 major things. A big interest rate increase (and we should get at least another 2% this year) and the gov't putting the brakes on flippers, and multiple property owners. We don't need condos being turned into rentals or AirBnBs. We don't want people buying 3 or 4 more properties for their kids who are 5 and 6 now. We don't need foreign or domestic investors outbidding endusers in blind bidding. These "players" have increased demand 3 or 4 fold in demand. We need the gov't to do the opposite of what they've been doing for 20 years. We need home prices to start tracking wages and that means a big drop in price.

  6. Great guest. This guy makes so much sense. Wish you guys would have touched on financing & refinancing of his projects.

  7. On your discussion at 31:25. It is a very valid and well research phenomenon in Supply Chain Management 'The Bullwhip Effect'.
    Shortages in one time period can lead to a higher magnitude oversupply in the next period.

  8. Quentin knows! It’s the money supply stupid

    Thanks for doing this show guys and for bringing knowledgeable guests like this!!

  9. It'll keep going up. Interest rates don't matter anymore. We have entered a new paradigm and an era of only up.

  10. Another great segment TK and Darryl…I literally wait for every Sunday for your show…good job guys!!!

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