Redfin: Additional Signs of a Troubled Market Appear

“Homebuyer demand softened further” according to a recent report from Redfin as mortgage rates skyrocketed to nearly 5.5% and seller’s reduced their asking prices in greater numbers. I share all the details in today’s housing market update.

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To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is around 5.4% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video).

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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  1. Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

    My Housing Market Predictions for 2022

    Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area:


    Treat me to a coffee or a craft brew here:

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  2. A jump down the rabbit hole…
    If anyone is familiar with the Great Reset, the fed has to know that increasing mortgage rates isn’t going to push down home prices if there are giant hedge funds and companies buying up as many homes as they can get their hand off. They are paying in cash, mortgage rates don’t hurt them and even if they were getting loans, rental rates will more then make up for that. Are they increasing interest rates to make homes impossible to afford for average people? I think this may be their objective. Combine this with the new and incoming Ministry of Truth and you can see the pieces being set on the board for a total take over of average person ownership and see it all move to corporate ownership.

  3. could the reason for homebuyer demand softening due to people from last year and earlier this year actually buying home? since i bet record number of houses were also sold maybe that shows decrease in buyer interest now

  4. Watch the foreclosures start too begin when the houses loose thier value and all those folks that paid 3x what thier house is worth start walking away from their mortgages.

  5. Hey Jason, in the Sac region is there still a great deal of competitive bidding right now vs last year’s bidding wars- has it cooled at all out there?

  6. My bank account looks better at the end of each month until I feel it’s time to buy!! Until then I will give the price, and no I will not fall in love with any property! Either they sell or I’ll continue to move on!!

  7. Everyone wants a collapse I get it.. The reality is buyers will pull back & you have a healthy correction & supply increases. This is a healthy thing. There is a near 0 chance of collapse, the Federal reserve will not allow it, sorry to disappoint the fear mongers.

  8. Unfortunately, America's baby boomers are the largest age group of demographics. The tail end of this group are retiring now at the rate of 10,000/ day. They are choosing to retire in place and/or not selling their vacation homes it appears. Their homes won't list for sale until they die off possibly. Things will improve but not anytime soon is my guess.

  9. Every market has it's peak, that's the way free markets work, they will simply correct too market conditions in the particular area they are in.

  10. 2020 was filled with similar videos and people postponed their plans of home buying and then woke up a different reality. If people need a home they should buy it working on their numbers. Wht r these proving i dont get it

  11. I was looking through the history of 1 yr + video from Jason and there are people who really listened and followed his advice – one of the comment from one of his video is

    "I am going to continue saving until this whole mess is over. Sure I might not get that 2.375% interest rate, but at least I'm not paying 100k over priced homes either."

    To which Jason replied "Nice"

    Anyone who always keeps doing either positive or negative outlook – is biased. Need a more balanced approach, someone wrong for 1+ year long and still continues to make videos with the same content pulling data which supports his view.

  12. No one admits that this market is not supply and demand driven, it is driven by fear, greed and stupidity!
    I will flush my money down the toilet than hand it out to some money hungry and greedy sellers and realtors. I don't currently live on the streets or subway stations, and I can easily wait, wait and wait. I am not so desparate or stupid like most who drove this market even crazier over the last couple of years.
    It takes a longgggg time to save money and I am not going to hand it out to some vultures!
    I control my hard earned money 🙂

  13. Down the road they will not be able to sell nothing as prices keep going up , you just got to wait for it , will take a while do

  14. Here in Florida a lot of houses are staying in the market much longer, a month ago they were pending after a few hours, same houses have been bought and sold 3 or 4 times for the last 2 years, total manipulation,

  15. Too early to say anything about home prices. It may take this entire year for prices to really comedown to some sort of normal. Its all seller’s market for the next one year

  16. SF bay realestate market is about to get fried! Big time! just a few last minute Fomo foreign buyers left bidding against each other talked to a friend in realestate no more 10 offers on 1 house those days are long gone feel bad for them they are going to be left holding the bag and get Absolutely crushed!

  17. There is not even 1 home for sale in our neighborhood. Nobody is selling & giving up their low rate. We live in a very nice, more upscale neighborhood where normally there are 4 to 6 homes for sale bu this time of the year. Prices keep going up as fewer and fewer go up for sale, but the buyers keep coming.

  18. Tell me how does a home increase almost $300k in 12 months??? I recently seen a home purchased in April 2021 purchased for $550k now listed for $840k with the 5%++ rates good luck on that one!!

  19. When the video first started, I thought the wood beam behind you (I think that’s what it is) was a ponytail. 😂 Clearly, I need to go to bed but after I finish this video!

  20. Current Unsold Inventory Index is 1.7 for Calif… Price Reduction listings has also just increased to a positive change. Active listings are low. These levels are similar to Feb 2021 when rates were lower. Speculation is that stubborn sellers will continue to hold price, and buyers will decrease. Banks will have less mortgage applications, ( currently happening. ). Earnings will drop (currently happening see JPM), share price will decrease among the banks and lenders.. Seems like the Real Estate market is slowing, where lower prices may ramp it up again, however with few listings, this may not happen for a bit. Impact will be on the stock market and lenders and quantity of real estate transactions will reduce. But will the housing prices go down? hmmm. land seems to still be expensive in the hot areas, rising faster than cost to build.

  21. Huh, Redfin just increased my home value today from $682,373 to $694,765. Redfin had it at $659,000 Jan 1. No real changes here in northwestern Washington state

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