There’s always a sweet spot for real estate investment when the market is through its phases of ups and downs. Leveraging such situations with strategic investments brings out exponential returns. Watch my video to find out how to invest in real estate for best returns.

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  1. Please Immediately Implement Mandal Commission Recamandation in World Olimpic Counsil ❤️ Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Government ❤️🙏 Ganesh Super ❤️

  2. வணக்கம்,
    தமிழகத்தில் 1000 ஏக்கர் விவசாயநிலம் ஒரே இடத்தில் விற்பனைக்கு உள்ளது, பலவகை பழமரங்களுடன். ஆற்றுப்பாசனம் 1000 ஏக்கர் முழுவதர்க்கும்.
    (புரோக்கர்கள் தவிர்க்கவும்)
    D. ஹரிராஜ் மனோஜ், MBA.,
    தெய்வீகம் ரியல் எஸ்டேட் கன்சல்டிங்
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  3. Respected sir,
    Kindly clarify my doubt.
    Buying land near to railway track will affect resale value and government land acquisition in future.
    Approx land is located 150ft from the railway track. Which is single track.
    I am confused to buy whether I need to take NOC from railway department to construct house.
    Is it good to buy land near railway track.
    Please advise

  4. Hi Mothish, We Prasanna people are intensively trying to meet you regarding handover issues. I don't know why your people are safeguarding you. Expecting you to visit the site at least now.

  5. Hello sir, i am sivananth .DCE worked as sitesupervisor for two years in trichy, is there any job in your company! referred from Er.M.Senthilkumar (honey builders) youtube channel.

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