Secrets To Build Your Real Estate Portfolio In 2022

On this real investing webinar, Matthew Garland better known as MG the Mortgage Guy and Jullien Gordon aka Mr. Multi family covered the following:

DOWN PAYMENTS: How to avoid 25% down payments so that you can scale your portfolio beyond 1 property

DEAL FLOW: How to find cash-flowing off-market deals near you or in less expensive smaller markets

DEAL ANALYSIS: How to analyze and structure different types of deals so you can keep growing #realestate #homebuying #investing

Link to 4-3-2-1 Black Friday Sale: Http://


  1. I bought a single family home with my VA loan. How do I apply this strategy in my situation… I was going to get a two flat, but could not find any in Chicago that was in the right neighborhood or was the right price… I need help!

  2. My thing is what if the multi family property is in a state you don’t live in and you can’t just move wherever. And finding a multi family property where I live they are all 600k plus

  3. MY portfolio has good companies, however they have been red all this year. This is my first year of investing and have been down 35% in the March/April sell off, and now down 17% in this sell off. I work hard for my money, so investing is making me nervous and sad. I don't know if I should sell everything or just sit and wait.

  4. My husband and I are looking to purchase a multi-family in Tampa Bay, Florida area.
    We currently have a home in Ohio, which will be rented out come June 2022.
    Currently just got into wholesaling.
    I came across your video, and I resonated.
    Peace and blessings

  5. I like how he explained everything and achieving all the 4 plex units but then say oh by the way you WILL need a 640 credit score for this one too. These credit scores is driving all the control for anyone. Regardless of what is said, the score is what matters at the end of the day. HOW can someone get around this strategy? This is a ROAD BLOCK to people who DO NOT have the score.

  6. Sheeeesh the game on here is wild. 🙏🏽 now would this apply for Veterans as well? Would u say use that first then FHA?

    Also, does it make sense to get my credit right before starting this ?

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