Switzerland Trail – Denver Colorado's Deceptively Easiest Best Offroad Trail – 2019.27

If You Can Only Do One Trail In Denver, Do This One…
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If you have only time to do one trail in the Denver area, I would argue that Switzerland Trail will give you everything you want. You WILL NOT see hardcore obstacles but what you will see is amazing views and run into alot of various local outdoor enthusiasts. This trail will let you get out int he mountains and spend hours roaming around. While this will not check the boxes of the technical rock crawler, this will allow you to spend countless hours with your friends, family and loved ones experiencing what you desire from Colorado.

Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller:
Valterra Sewer Hose:
Surge Protector:
Sewer Hose Support:
Camco 25ft Drinking Hose:
Camco Water Filter:
Water Pressure Regulator:

Tow Rig Details:

1993 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser
Triple Locked
Work Done:
Full Tune Up – NGK Spark Plugs / Wires, Distributor Cap / Rotor, Radiator Cap,
Disc Brake Rotors / Pads Front and Rear
Rear Driveshaft U-Joints
FJ Cruiser Wheels and Tires
1.5″ Wheel Spacers
Fluids Changed – Front/Rear Diffs, Transmission, Oil, Transfer Case
Replaced Front Inner and Outer Hub Bearings
Prodigy P3 Brake Controller

See you on the trail!
– FC


  1. That's not a trail, it's a road which explains why there was a Ford Taurus on it. There's another trail in Denver I highly recommend. It's known as I80W and it will take you to California where all candy ass millennial morons like you belong!

  2. I know it’s been a couple years, hopefully you’ve learned your 80 is wayyy more capable than you were when you did this 🙂

  3. To be fair, I used to beat my 98 Taurus to death. Played in mud sand. Nothing crazy but enough to get most cars stuck. You'd be surprised what a lil foward momentum will get you through in that lil car. That lil V6 3.0 200 hp 200 torque was no slouch either.

  4. Can you give me the GPS coordinates for the start of this trail? Trying to figure out where it is at and how to get there.Thanks

  5. Fun Fact. Switzerland Trail was adopted by The Offroading Subarus of Colorado back in 2017. Gordon Gulch is another good one.

  6. This looks a lot more fun than crawling over boulders and taking 4 hrs to go 1/4 mile. I like trails where you can take a bone stock 4WD , check out the scenery and not to worry about getting rescued. Different strokes!

  7. I'm trying to take a trip but a few friends have 2wd. Any other trails like this one that I could be advised on? Thanks

  8. I drove it on accident in 1998- chevy cavalier… Didn't know I was gonna make it. Large boulders and logs. We did thigh and lived to tell about it. It is beautiful. We came in on the back side. We didn't know where we were. There was a waterfall and an old mining cave.

  9. Take your tires down to about 20 psi when you hit those kind of roads and it'll smooth things out a bit.

  10. That's a good trail for a mountain bike. Park at the Gold Hill Rd trailhead lot and ride north or south from there.

  11. you are going to base ALL of the jeep trails in Colorado has to offer based on this? haha stay out of the San Juans for your own safety

  12. Ha ha. That feeling at 9:48. Been there many times. Coming from the gravel county roads of the midwest to exploring mountain shelf roads in Colorado was a HUGE change for me. I'm still getting used to it. Been lucky so far though.

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