T.I. On Real Estate, Working With Killer Mike, His Past Businesses & More | Assets Over Liabilities

#TI joins #AssetsOverLiabilities hosts Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings for a conversation on how he got into real estate, Opportunity Zones, past business endeavors, working with Killer Mike, what’s next, investing in technology, his movie with Mike Epps & more. #business

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  1. When u start surrounding ur self around different people on different levels u start carrying ur self different, you gotta be versatile u gotta blend in wherever u go and u gone do big THINGS…

  2. Wow how time flies, haven't watched a T.I interview in years, I remember binge-watching every T.I interview back in the day when I was just a little boy, he taught me how to use elaborate words, to not only read books but to also research new words and the meanings behind them, something school never did, I see the comments on how intellectual he is and how smart he is, this guy has been dropping gems since the early 2000s I would marble at this man when I was a child, to see a black man speak like this was and still is a rarity and I'm thankful for what he has done and I'm born and bred from the UK. long live this king.

  3. He should run for President in the next election!!! He has a gift of not gab , but responsibly for others. I really respect how he delivers the message…

  4. So Thomasville heights 4 seasons wasn't millions of dollars trap's? Alot of money ran thru there. Million's! All that other shit you speaking on is like Pennie's. Downtown Atlanta JC Penney shit. Sears Roebucks Pennie's. I grew up in the village,ville all or nothing we or gtf! Hardest part of the 🏙️ city! Thomasville,4 Seasons,the bluff, Carver homles, Perry homes! Etc I guess I'm Old cause you got story's about these hoodsi speak on. Baddest in the city. You don't know nobody over there don't go over there. " Facts"!

  5. Eastlake Meadows was built on the back nine of the Eastlake Golf course. The Atlanta Athletic club sold the back nine due the the great white of the 1960's. Before the 60's the entire area of Eastlake, as was most of Anything east of the city of f Atlanta was white. The east lake golf course was home to professional and amateur golf tournaments.

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