Goodwill Outlet Haul Bins Thrifting Trip in Denver Colorado! Reselling for Profit on Ebay & Poshmark

Come come check out what I thrifted at the goodwill bins this morning! LINKS: Instagram: Amazon Storefront: Fetch Rewards (Scan receipts for FREE GIFTCARDS!). Earn a bonus 2,000 ($2) after scanning your first receipt using code AHXXD


My bachelorette party was one for the books!!! From dance class to fancy shmancy dinners, YOU KNOW I HADDDD TO STOP AT A THRIFT(sssss)!! Enjoy my thrift adventures in Colorado Springs & Denver, Colorado!! I would love to know your fav thing I got!!! TELLL MEE!! #HAPPYMONDAYMINUTE Catch up: Bachelorette Party Vid: Follow me on… Continue reading THRIFTING IN DENVER, COLORADO !!