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  1. I love the city of Denver all loves what it has to offer but why is cleveland downtown is your closest comparison to denver downtown the tallest but not enormous building is key towers in the downtown of Cleveland. there midwest this is southwest like map texas where everything is tall up close an by far is enormous. Lets keep the excitement and thumbs on for viewers and your traveled & plan travelers cause Denver CO, (720) (303) is as fun as you make it to be. Im ALL IN.

  2. It’s really relaxed and I didn’t see much mountains I was actually driving in the city for the first time. I’m so going back! Miss it already since March

  3. I was in Denver Co for the first time the last week in May 2019 and it was Cold and snowing I was not ready. I finally was able to see the Rockies on the last day we were there headed to the Airport. So long .

  4. Denver is made for 27 to 45 year olds. Yes the traffic is bad, there are so many people from different places with all different styles of driving. If you want to see the Mountains you have to look West! Denver is not in the mountains we are at the base of the foothills.
    If you are physically active, like good food and are a progressive thinker Denver is a great place for you. We have Man Buns, Purple hair, Love Dogs and Micro Brews!!! Yes we have the great mother of all Medicines Marijuana!!!! Finally the people are heard and not big pharma and the Petroleum boys.
    It is a big city so there are problems! But the Sun shines and you can't help but smile and let it warm your heart! Its a lifestyle and if you are smart and think out of the box you can live a great life. FYI I live in the art district and I live in a nice older house and I have set my life up with my mortgage met every month, own 2 SUV's payment paid every month, entrepreneur!!! Live free Live smart!

  5. My daughter has moved me out of Michigan to Denver now she has us going to Ohio next summer. Ugh. I’m gonna miss Colorado but it’s super expensive…and we only have a little one bedroom apartment in Aurora for $1,300 month. Errr

  6. Okay I feel as a Colorado native I should explain. Every tourist and travel guides only outline our amazing mountain ranges and beautiful forests but 80% of our state is farm land. And my parents live in Thornton lol it's about 30 minutes outside of Denver. I also disagree with what you are saying on how much it costs to live downtown. I live in a 2 bed 2 bath off 18th street and only paid $1600 which is super cheap for downtown apartments. You just have to know where to look.

  7. Thanks for this video, are you guys from Ohio?, My mom is from Cincinnati Ohio actually. Hope you like Denver I went there in May of 2009, in a very early sunday morning too humangeous town as you guys saw. Good luck out there.

  8. Thanks for this video. I've lived in Colorado for 9.5yrs, but only the suburbs. We're moving to the downtown area near Coors Field in a couple of days and I've been watching videos of what it is like. I've only visited downtown a handful of times and have never lived in a city environment.

  9. Colorado holds a special place in my heart. From family, the nice people, the Broncos (don’t drag me rip), and just the mountains. If I could ever afford to move to Denver in the future, I totally would.

  10. I have to agree on cities having a viable light rail system it does make commuting easier. I still don't understand why our cities dissolved light rail systems in the last century imagine where we would be with a trolley system, monorail system, or light rail system if it would've never been dissolved.

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