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Video Mentioned:
He Makes Millions of Dollars as a Loan Officer… | Ep.032

In this video, I’ll be breaking down absolutely everything when it comes to being a loan officer! Loan officers have a lot of opportunity to make money multiple times on just one house! On top of that, loan officers make money from referrals as well!

After you pass the exam, you need to go work under a company! Make sure you network with realtors and you can provide business for one another.

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  1. Hey Ryan,
    I'd like to learn about LLCs. I am trying to grow my real-estate portfolio and know nothing about how to start, maintain, or how many assets to put in one LLC at a time. I would like to start a "parent" LLC to own my other LLCs and put 2 properties/ assets in each following LLC… Is that proper thinking? I'd love to see a video on it and a break down. Thanks man, love your channel.

  2. Ryan, I'm a Loan Officer currently, but my question is regarding creative financing, what would you say is the best way to get 100% financing on flips/rentals. my experience is in the traditional lending space. Also, would you recommend getting into the vacation rental space?

  3. Incredible person reading this, you have everything is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

  4. If you get a loan in order to flip a house, and finish in less than 6 months (standard), would loan officers pick up on what you’re up to, and refuse to work with you again? If so, how do you finance buying a house to flip if loan officers are unwilling to be part of the picture? Sure, you could partner with a rich person, but wouldn’t that be a hard sell if you’re relatively new?

  5. Can you become a loan officer as well as following your beginner program? I was think of starting out as a real estate agent and then evolve up to broker or after this video a loan officer

  6. Lmao…"do the loan officer a favor and not refinance or sell before 6 months". How often do they always try to sneak in points while charging the customer thousands of dollars to lower the interest rate by a quarter %? Screw that, I have no loyalty to a loan officer. I do what's in my best interest, as do they.

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