The Economy is a Black Hole – Flood of Real Estate about to Hit the Market

Thank you for 100,000 subscribers! An Appeals Court has overturned the Eviction Moratorium. It is over and it looks like there won’t be any more extensions. Will bitcoin finally be shut down? The economy is in a precarious spot #EvictionMoratorium #Bitcoin #StudentLoans #iAllegedly

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  1. It doesn't matter whether you have paper currency or digital currecy, if it's not backed by REAL value such as Gold, Silver or goods, then it will always be worthless.

  2. I would rather see cars made again without chips! No tracking! I know its not easy touch etc but what if they decided to shut you down or worse while driving. Never liked it.😖

  3. This type of "evaluation" of cryptocurrency is untutored and naive. Your audience opinion is mostly useless because statistically, they haven't adopted it. Talk about things you have studied.The average Joe is unqualified to make a real assessment.

  4. Problems are Deeper than they Appear. It's about Grabbing $$ at the Speed of Light. Restaurants used to serve freshly made Foods are now bound to sell Frozen / Packaged Entrees and at Premium Prices. Still they can't Profit because of Credit Card fees / charges and giving away upto 30% of the bill amounts to App Based Delivery Services.

  5. Today my daughter tells me the landlord raised her rent $200. She may have to go get another job besides all the jobs she's already doing. Son in law is low man on the totem pole with his company so he's been told to wait on the sidelines. Evidently the big assed construction jobs ( not including the light rail going in) have slowed to a crawl in Seattle. Kids got his CDL so I'm not too worried about him because everybody wants truck drivers who don't smoke weed. Still, I worry. Campbells Tomato soup is $1.29 at QFC. I was surprised I could still get ramen noodles 4 for a buck. I'll be picking up another case while they are on sale. They are probably coming out with smaller packaging and need to flush the older, bigger product off the shelves. My family has witnessed a lot of repackaging continuing to go on. This has been happening since before covid. What the hell can a person do about it- it's just the way life is now and it's not going to get better anytime soon.

  6. Love Bitcoin, hate shit coins. If you need an education about Bitcoin watch Max Keiser. He has all the videos you could ever want on Bitcoin, it's history, how it works, etc.

  7. 20:12 You just turned on my Alexa! Bohemian Rhapsody, 70s Rock. Thanks! (I thought it was supposed to be keyed to my voice only?) 😉
    Weird weird times we live in…
    2nd go: She just added pizza to my shopping list. But I don't have a thermostat.

  8. A flood of real estate no one can afford except the predator class who do zero actual work in life. Applying for a loan to buy something does not count as being affordable. That's a loan shark move, nothing more. Better off paying rent or just giving up entirely.
    If anything happens to your home regarding insurance I guarantee your insurance will deny any claims because that's how insurance works.
    Buying property may seem like an investment? But is it? You have to pay out of your pocket to maintain it. And with the ruling class causing massive inflation good luck with maintaining a home.
    Also the Gov can come take everything you have anytime they feel like it. Any Gov because all Govs are communist.
    Property taxes. You don't own anything. The predator class owns your existence. I wish more people would share residence just to starve the Gov of property tax.
    Or you could lose your home due to political nonsense like skin color. In the court of public opinion and feminism. I mean you do live in California right? I would move to a farm state if I were you. Before either mob takes all the nice stuff you have. I really wouldn't trust the Cali Gov. Dear lord. How can you even afford to live in Cali? That's the debt slave state of the US.

  9. Please place your hope and faith in Jesus Christ who was crucified and arose on this day 2,000 years ago for the forgiveness of your sins. Dan is absolutely right that the economy is headed for a catastrophic crash. This and more is in the Bible. Read Matthew Chapter 24 and Luke 21. The Tribulation is coming quickly and Antichrist will control everything and everyone with the Mark of the Beast. Get right with God by trusting Christ to forgive your sin. Very soon when He raptures the saints you'll be left behind to endure the cruel reign of Antichrist…if you don't have a relationship with Him. Actually 2/3 of the world's population will die. Then there is eternal hellfire for those who reject the gift of forgiveness and salvation. To receive Christ please read John 3:16-21, Romans 3:23,6:33, 9:8-11 and Acts 2 :21 in the Bible. Read Luke Chapter 16 about a chilling account of a man who died without Christ and found himself in eternal torment crying out for relief…he is still begging for help. Please
    don't delay for today is the day of Salvation!

  10. I was a caretaker for 11 yrs and the way most people live is disgusting went into an apartment a couple with 1 child there was crayon scribbling on everything I mean everything the walls, fridge, stove,cabinets, doors etc and they seemed fine with it typical liberals they probably think he's expressing himself.

  11. 1. We should start back making cars without all those chips. My favorite vehicles are from the 70's. They were easy to work on and they lasted for more miles than the current junk will.
    2. I just went to burger king today (had a coupon) and something was wrong with the meat. I tried to recook the meat with my hot air fryer but it still tasted off, had to throw them away.

  12. Do you believe Biden is purposely creating high inflation to collapse our money system? I feel for the landlords. They have bills they must pay. Pete santangilo interviewed landlords that can’t get rid of tenants who don’t pay rent but have jobs. Interesting and sad.

  13. Dan, have you ever heard of writer Dmitry Orlov (not the hockey player)? Orlov has a blog at with links to premium articles. He witnessed the collapse of his native Soviet Union and foresees a similar fate befalling the United States, and it’ll be worse than the Soviet collapse.

  14. Could all these low interest rates be a preamble to a housing crash , realising a huge opportunity for banks to repossess properties and sell them on to huge Corporations who look to rent them out ?

  15. Everything is now preparation for eventual control of everybody’s lives. The pandemic has been a boon to this end by enacting Legislation and other recommendations to divert attention from the whole long term agenda.
    Once cash is finally eliminated then that will be the start of a whole new lifestyle.

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