The Housing Foreclosure Crisis | The 2022 Real Estate Crash

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  1. I can’t wait for these pompous ‘homeowners’ to lose their equity! They strut around like peacocks and brag — oh, they crow so loud about their home equity. I will rejoice when they lose it all!

  2. Demographics. 90 million millennials need a house. We cannot build enough houses for all them at the current time. Huge demand, low inventory means higher prices.

  3. Keep on saying it is going to crash each year. You said it since 2016 for 6 years now. It skyrocketed instead!

  4. HELP! How do I talk my sister out of selling her house? She just refinanced and I'm trying to convince her to rent it out instead. (ps, just found your videos this week)

  5. Credit quality is up, a lot of buyers citing crypto investments… sounds like walstreet is artificially buying up all the houses, driving up costs. Most homes sold in my county in the last 2 years were to people/orgs that do not live in the county. That’s insane. We need to ban corporations from buying residential property.

  6. Average credit scores are getting better because "normal" people who buy homes can't.
    Real estate investors who buy property for a living obviously have better credit than the "typical average family"
    A family looking to buy a home cannot afford an inflated price. An investor can. 🤷‍♀️

  7. JP has fucked the interest rate and they are going to raise the interest rate
    4 more times this year. I sold my house ,better than foreclosure.

  8. It is so unrealistic for gen z to buy a house unless you're making really good money or are married

  9. Thanks for everything you do Kevin! I have came a long way as a young 20 year old. I am also about to close on my 2nd property

  10. Is it a good idea right now to buy a home for 2-3 years and relocate? My area home supply is 0.8 months and homes are appreciating 20% or more. Rent is rising rapidly. My rent increased $200 from last per year and could have been higher.

  11. Kevin looks like a modern day Metaverse train conductor with that red hat. 😂😂. Just playing around kid. You have been an inspiration to my personal development and YouTube channel. . I thank you , Graham , and others for years of instruction. Thanks , Luis form NDX Testing..

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