The Housing Market is Out of Control

Homebuyers seemed to be unfazed by spiking mortgage interest rates, the unrest in Ukraine, the stock market declining and skyrocketing inflation. This is because home prices have once again reached all time record highs according to Redfin. In today’s video, I share the latest 2022 housing market updates for the US housing market so you can be more informed.

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To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is around 4.4% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video). This is mixed news if you’re a homebuyer right now or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance.

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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  1. Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

    My Housing Market Predictions for 2022

    Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area:


    Treat me to a coffee or a craft brew here:

    More of my videos:
    Why Housing Inventory is LOW

    Homebuyer Alert: Should You Buy NOW or WAIT?

    2008 Housing Market vs Now:

    Options after Mortgage Loan Forbearances Ends

    PLAYLIST: Videos about Living in Sacramento

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  2. I managed to save you around 10k for me and my wife's 1st house went to a realtor yesterday and said I'm gonna need another 6k for closing cost etc and she's says it's insane how much houses are going for around my area. I'm defeated might as well keep renting

  3. Thanks for this information i took a home buying class but I’m not sure about getting a house as of now because everything is so high it’s out of control as of now idk I’m undecided if i wanna take that risk

  4. We bought our home at the beginning of the pandemic and could already turn around and pocket $400k 😮

  5. CA – I am seeing all the rn remote job salary is equal to I'f you are in TX or UT or any other states.
    People be careful, don't panic. Houses will come don't pay over.
    Things to think about.
    All major healthcare industry work has gone to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines and many other countries. So If you work remotely and buying homes thinking it will last. Think twice.
    Cooperate world become more greedy. More American fellows will lose job.
    And some companies wants employees to come back at work with higher gas prices a d high inflation. Think twice. Wish you good luck.

  6. Really crazy market. I have been looking for over a year to get out of Hellinois. Property taxes are out of control here (among other things in this damn state). But I am going to sit tight & ride it out. Hard to resist the temptation to cash out though.

  7. 25 days avg days on market? Where do these numbers come from? I live in MI not CA or NY. EVERY decent home sells in a week and thats only because they leave houses out there a few days to accumulate offers. 25 days? Where?

  8. I feel bad for everyone everything is so high being a realtor was a good job now there struggling sad times and it's gonna get worse gas gonna go up even higher in summer be happy with food on the table and a roof over your head even if your renting

  9. Please stop selling homes to investors. I’m a single mom and have lost several to cash buyers. One agent called my Realtor to let him know my bid of 15k over asking would have won if not for the cash offer.
    Sellers will still get their money on a financed deal unless the financing falls through. Even if the financing does fall through, one of the other 10 people in line for your property would be happy to get the call.
    Selling to investors is killing the opportunity to own for the average person.

  10. Most people seem to think that the price of homes will just continue to increase without a crash. Sure, if economic conditions remains roughly the same, that might be true. But people often overlook the fact that things can happen that create recessions, depressions, etc. If we have some sort of economic disaster that makes it difficult for people to pay their $2K+ mortgage, what do you think will happen to the housing market? The U.S. economy and the global economy are a house of cards. I wouldn't get overconfident in thinking that things will rise forever without another 2008-like crash.

  11. Main causes I see for this situation:

    1. FOLO – colleagues and friends buying houses so I have to buy as well
    2. Real estate companies buying houses – Most of the cash only deals are by these big orgs which further fuels this
    3. WFH expectations

  12. I saw one condo that was for sale before can not remember when listed first till 3/19 for $185,000 then 3/20 I looked again saw it went up on 3/19 change price to $285,000. It's good that prices are going up but the rate is beyond realistic. Yes interest rates were low, but now are they going drop house prices since rates rise. The entire system is crazy, especially when it comes to refinancing investments. Don't understand why they can not be refinanced at the lower rates as the taxes paid are more and the system is against small investors.

  13. I think it's ultimately the govt who will have to step in and fix this housing craze tho many of you will laugh at such a thought. I wouldn't expect state or local govts to do much about it as higher property values mean tax revenue surpluses.

  14. This really sucks for me. I’m in contract with a new build and when I went in contract interest rate was at 3% but can’t lock interest rate because of my local electric grid company, they’re behind and I can’t lock until they give a firm date until house becomes habitable. I think I’m just going to back out, I can’t afford mortgage at 4% interest. Politics just made me fail on my family on providing them a home.

  15. Hello Jason, I'm a Northern California Native. I'm also an agent here in the Boise Idaho area. The market is absolutely crazy. Low inventory and high prices. Two homes sold on my street this year, both had offers within 48 hours.
    If you have any clients looking for property in rural California my mother and I will be listing our 2 mobiles on permanent foundations, Large shop on approximately 5 acres this May.
    2 miles from the Mendocino national forest about 2 hours from Sac.

  16. You’re still ignorant about the “supply”, lack of supply, who were buying houses were INVESTORS.. not home buyers, to make them rentals or flips, if that was the case that there was a shortage of houses then WHAY every month there are multiple houses going FORECLOSURE and auction

  17. The economy is going to crash. The big guys will liquidate and get out. Those houses you paid $700K for that were only worth $400K are going to take a huge dip. All the "free" money that was poured into the market wasn't free. We have an idiot at the helm and he's leading us into an economic disaster. All it takes is an economy "cool down" for these people who bought houses at the top of their budgets to quickly get behind. People did not just magically go from being poor or middle class to endless cash ATM's. I cant wait for these greedy investors to get fucked. They have been disgustingly, immorally greedy and gotten really wealthy from it – but you are gambling. None of us know when we will land on black. I don't care if all we've been seeing is red, red, red. Green is here and black is coming. The wave is high and everyone at the top who owns tons of inventory is saying "it will never happen". Its going to happen. What goes up, must come down. "2008" had its own issues. This is 2022, we have different issues and they are still enough to crack shit apart. People aren't even staying married after all this shit with the pandemic. Inflation is like sand. You can have a 100 foot high pile of it and still you'll sink if you try to crawl up the pile. SMART PEOPLE WILL SELL NOW BEFORE THEY LOSE EVERYTHING.

  18. Rising rates price out real people, not investors who have been given "house money" to advance the "you will own nothing" agenda.

  19. RE mania still here in Seattle/WA. Homes upbid by 25% to 30% and lots of cash sales.
    No gravity here folks…move along.

  20. You don’t know the difference between a 2% increase and a 2pt increase in mortgage rates? A 2 % increase of any product is a very tiny increase!

  21. Here in rural Oklahoma, things are slow. My Home is $530,000 & it's not moving. A 3800 sq ft home down the street, sold in July for $580K, but mine with 5300 sqft, is being passed up. Our home has all the upgrades & super area, but it is in the country.

  22. Your chart may be correct because of the scale you show, But it shows to be way out of whack, because it's so short, length wise. The whacked out scale, would make a person with a weak heart, RUN

  23. Orlando is on fire and rent is $2200 for a 2 bed apartment in a crappy area nothing being built here besides apartment complexes if anything prices will drop a bit maybe only 50-100k but these are definitely the new prices for Fl too many people are moving here and not enough homes good for homeowners 😀

  24. My house has increased in value, which is nice. I feel bad for my daughter trying to save for a house. Prices to get into the market are crazy high in Massachusetts

  25. I'm susann from Orlando FL. I've bought several homes. Who decided that more than one person can put on a contract? When did this change and why? That's why the rates on homes are so high. Someone needs to change this back to where it was before. Governmental ? Communism? What is wrong with our country?

  26. I live near Colorado Springs and I now have phone calls from land investors asking me if I want to buy houses or building lots.
    The market is about to crash‼️

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