The Housing Market May SURPRISE you in 2022 – Are You Ready?

What are the Key Drivers of the 2022 Housing Market? Will we continue to see record appreciation or a pull back in house prices? Is a Housing Crash realistic? Should You Buy Real Estate Now or Wait? In this video, I tell you why I believe you will have another strong year in the Real Estate Market as we discuss everything from Demographics to Building Costs to Interest Rates. What are your thoughts on Housing? Where do you see it going in 2022?

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  1. House pricing maybe rising but it will have a peak point, cuz no one can afford a house then, it has already 3× the price, so if it doubles the price again from lets say from 300 to 400 or from 200 to 300 who can afford it . We already having a tough time raise the interest rates or do something. This is not right I get it demand is high but rent is worse then house something is not balanced.

  2. The current housing market is not sustainable. Plain and simple. Home value will go down and it's only a matter of time before that happens. Comps are the main factor that determines value

  3. This guy is clueless. Never listen to a realtor on the future of the real estate market. He is giving selective data and not global economics, interest rates, stock market decline, amount of savings millennials actually have, the decline in marriage and children of millennials which correlate to home buying, affordability index, declining population growth, banks tightening lending, reits losing money. Take your pick.

  4. One need to understand crazy combination, crazy home prices with big interest rate numbers will evaporate all the demand, just wait and watch…

  5. It is in the bubble as the home base price is $500k and unnecessary inventory add-ons $70k, bidding wars $30k, huge land premium at NC areas are 10% of the base price of house which is not adding value to the house simply increasing the house cost

  6. I want to move but I’m stuck. I’ve been in my home almost 11yrs. I want something else. My home is nice just too big. I can’t rent nowhere for what I pay. The plan was rent mine. Go rent an apartment until i find another house to buy. Like you said. We staying in our houses longer because the payment is cheaper & so is the interest rate. Plus the new payments people are making is driving the rent up.

  7. Housing is becoming unaffordable for the average American family. Rent and buying single family homes. I think there will be a housing crisis soon. Most people don’t make enough to afford these increases.

  8. I’m excited for housing crash. I don’t understand why people is worried about it. The last crash I was able to acquire 3 properties. Now it’s more than quadruple the price. I bought 34K and sold it 3 months ago for 320K of one of my property. Please crash the housing market.

  9. I am planning on making as much from selling my home so I can make a ton of money and pay off student loans and have enough for a private baby adoption

  10. Why do builders need inspections from the city, you have a licensed architect licensed General contractors, licensed sub contractors plus their all insured. The city building departments need reforming to speed up building process

  11. Hey Jeb, I just listed 4 prime lots available only 5 minutes from Stockton Missouri lake and dam area! It's a very beautiful area with beautiful panoramic views! It's going to be a nice gated community of only 4 home's each lot is huge 3.5 acers … Located only minutes from Stockton Missouri town and lake….I will work with anyone on price . Lot 4 has a new water well at 31 gallons per minute with electric in place..this lots ready to build on ! Buy now build later! But their will be mild restrictions to protect the owners investment's. No HOA dues! Area has no restrictions on building codes! Only 50 minutes drive from Springfield Missouri 3rd largest city in Missouri and only 1.5 hour's from Kansas City Missouri and Branson Missouri! Branson is a huge vacation hub! This land won't last ! I'm willing to work with anyone within reason on price!

  12. The last two years were a specific set of buyers, let’s call them “pandemic buyers” – often wealthier tech workers who sold and bought elsewhere due to being able to work from home and wanting something bigger. These people will simply disappear all at once from the market whenever society returns to normal. Then regular local buyers have to step in and support the tech buyer prices. Not gonna happen. In fact, many who bought will have to sell when their short term plans end or are called back into the office.

  13. I disagree that the market can sustain last year’s gains again this year. Rates are up from last year and prices are way up. Affordability and pandemic era moves will come to an end. Housing might post gains but it won’t be significant. A significant error in his logic here is that investment interest will remain in real estate. Possibly some, but rising rates changes things. We’ve been in a low rate environment for a long time and that will likely end this year. You cannot argue that housing will do as well with rising rates as it did with low rates. It might go up, but the entire goal of the Fed is to slow things down. Don’t fight the Fed.

  14. Bought a fixer upper under value 2 years ago before the Covid housing price surge

    Bought 2 years ago for $100k and appraised for $110k
    Now comps are posting for $140k and selling for $150k

    Makes no sense that my families home equity raised so much in 2 years

  15. A massive crash is going to have to happen! Sooner or Later! Blame the damn federal reserve system. They need to be abolished for their scheme to trap people in as much debt as they can.

  16. If interest rates rise, home sellers will be less likely to sell and buy another house at a higher rate. Most people either refied or bought while interest rates were low. This will keep even more inventory off the market. Home prices will continue to climb as interest rates increase. Those who believe a rise in interest rates will cause home prices to drop will be sadly mistaken…

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