The PERFECT Weekend in Denver! Mile-High Biscuits, Red Rocks, Colorado-Style Pizza, & More! 🍕🏔

It our last few days in Colorado, so we’re eating and seeing as much as we can! We traveled all over Denver trying delicious local favorites like mile-high biscuits and Colorado-style pizza and got a dose of nature at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We also checked out some amazing art at both the Denver Art Museum and in the cool RiNo neighborhood. It was a pretty perfect way to end our time in the mile-high city 💗

Recreate our day!

Mile High Biscuits @ Denver Biscuit Company –
Visit Red Rocks Amphitheater –
Visit Denver Art Museum –
Walk around the CRUSH Walls –
Grab a drink @ Our Mutual Friend –
Try Colorado Style Pizza @ Beau Jo’s –

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  1. Beaujos is okay but they really just ripped off the Sink in Boulder, which has been around since the 1950s and is way cooler.

  2. LOVE this … thank you. It's one of the best videos compared to others helping me map out our family vacation road trip.

  3. It's fun to see you guys touring Denver and places I have been. RiNo is fun and they have a conveyor belt sushi place there as well!

  4. Gosh, I couldn't take watching this video. These kids are so full of themselves. You can tell right away. I watched till the pizza clip but I had to find something else to watch. So annoying. I would HATE to serve you as a bartender.

  5. I didn't know you were in Denver! Moving back this August.
    Edit: Oh man, the pizza. Carbone's made the best when I was a kid. I think they just do deli sandwiches now.

  6. Love the history in your videos! This was one of my favorite places you guys visited. I want one of those biscuit sandwiches ha ha

  7. Sorry that looks like a heart attack on a plate. Such a waste of food ? At least in the UK you did not receive huge portions

  8. I respect you guys for hunker down. But I miss traveling. I am actually heading to Denver in the spring and your video gave me some good spots to check out!

  9. I expected cookies and got burgers 🤔😅 US -English is obviously different from English taught at my school 🙂

  10. I missed you guys, I used to watch your videos all the time pre Covid and then I stopped for a while because I missed being able to travel. This is the first one I've watched in ages, and I really enjoyed it. I'll catch up on the ones I missed now 🙂 Thanks for still producing great content, you guys do the best travel videos. Stay safe.

  11. I've been here since 1989. Great food. Great neighborhoods. And just looking west on a sunny day makes me smile. The lack of locals is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing cuz there's no "this is my town" vibe like you have out East. Curse cuz being welcoming means more people, higher costs, etc.

  12. on easter morning, at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a church hold an early morning Easter service as the sun rises over the stage.

  13. THATS NOT A BISCUIT!!!!! ( in the uk, that looks more like a scone!!!, but savory, sooo strange lol) we call what you call cookies as biscuits. So its so odd to me. Love ur channel 😁😁

  14. As a 15 yr Denver local who has been stuck inside and unable to go to restaurants or see friends because of tourists putting us back on lockdown, PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL HERE UNTIL THE PANDEMIC IS OVER. The spikes keep happening as more and more people are traveling here. Denver is a ghost town now. When this is all over, we're more than happy to have you. But please do not travel here during a global pandemic.

  15. Denver Biscuit is the go-to for me! Love that place, no better brunch spot in all of Denver-metro, imo

  16. Did you even see our mountains? Nkt the red rocks, but the mountains? Denver is crap compared to our mountains.

  17. wow its too bad you couldn't go see the moutain areas idk I remember one time when I was traveling towards denver there's a town called pueblo I saw somewhere they had some art or whatever in that area idk. Very interesting and veep you should watch it cause it's funny and I remembered watching like about two years ago. You should travel towards new mexico and arizona they have some good restaurants and hiking areas too.

  18. As a southern transplant, Denver biscuit is nowhere near as good as a southern biscuit. Need more butter, more fluffiness, less dryness. Sorrry! Chicken needs more flavor too. Lmk when you go to North Carolina and I'll tell ya where the real stuff is at!

  19. I am sure that u2 played a concert there bank in the 80s?? When looking at those biscuit sandwiches, I know they don't sell them at waitrose. Greetings from the uk, missing your travel adventures in the uk as it shows from previous vlogs how much you liked the UK and europe..good luck with refurbished of the rv..

  20. I don't understand why people complain when they want a city to grow with business and thrive and evolve yet when it does they complain that it's too crowded and over populated or there is diversity. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA most of my young to middle life left came back to finish collage and even stay for a few years after. I've lived in several cool places but PGH will always be home. I've gone back to visit several times about 1-2 years apart and yes I can say 100% it's changed ALOT but for the better. So many more people, bustling restaurants and shops and creative people. It's a booming city for sure and I'm so excited to see it doing well. If you do not create buzz in a city and attract people, then people wont come there and spend money and thus your economy or city will perish.

  21. OMG so crazy this video was recommended for me. I live in Denver and THAT'S ME IN THE CAR AHEAD OF YOU AND MY DOG WILLY at 5:33!!! Hahahah

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