The Ultimate Denver Travel Guide // What To Know Before You Go: Denver

Ready to plan a trip to the Mile High City? Denver is known for its beautiful mountains, centuries-old historic landmarks, and high elevation. Whether it’s maneuvering through Denver’s beautiful Union Station, biking on popular trails like Cherry Creek, or taking down an array of Rocky Mountain Oysters, Thrillist’s got you covered! Follow this travel guide to find out how to have the best time in Denver, Colorado.

Do you need a visa to leave the airport? What’s the best way to get Wi-Fi during my trip? What are the bucket list activities in the region? Any local foods you have to hit? Before you step on the plane for your vacation, make sure you watch this original Thrillist series to keep yourself prepared, in the know, and with the right reservations, of course, for an epic, stress-free trip. For each destination of “What to Know Before You Go,” Thrillist highlights three things — how to get around, food and drink, and what to do. Buckle up, because we’re going to get you ready for the best time of your life!


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